AMEDS Rehabilitation program + Evaluation

AMEDS Rehabilitation program in Poland.
The video above explain the ingredients in the rehabilitation program. It's a rehab that is completely focused on MS and my individual needs.

AMEDS Rehabilitation program

My evaluation;

Evaluation of AMEDS Rehabilitation Program at Columna Medical in Lask

MS is a difficult disease to live with. Symptoms are not only multiple, they are also different during the day. There are many column inches written about how MS may occur in the individual patient. I will stress the importance of individual programs for every patient. You will not find a standard solution for rehab that will suit the lot.

Cognition and Fatigue
One of the symptoms that many with MS are suffering from are cognitive impairment. It can be one of the symptoms is the most debilitating for the individual. Firstly, it is difficult to define in the diagnosis, and secondly, it is difficult to treat. The cognitive downturn is possible to live with, if the MS patient gets the right conditions in their everyday lives.

The most important thing is to stay in a peaceful environment. It is also of utmost importance to have a daily schedule that suits the individual. The schedule should not be pushed; there must be plenty of time between activities. MS also has a number of other means affects day. What is possible to do one day, may not work the next.

That brings me to the next point, which is fatigue. It is obvious that the one thing triggering the other. If not the energy or the mental strength is in balance, you cannot undertake any sense at all. That is why it is important to have time for recovery. You cannot make a schedule that is uniform for all patients, it must be adapted to the individual.

Columna Medica has absolutely the physical ability to handle the problems that may occur with cognition and fatigue. I have experienced that, I was part of design my own schedule from the beginning.

The importance of a good diet has been like a red thread through the stay here. The diet, along with exercise, is doing the greatest benefit in rehabilitation. I along with many others with MS have just the problem to get the time out the day to suffice. Then it becomes more common to buy processed foods and alleviate hunger with something sweet.

The diet advises I got the first day I have followed all the time. I had some tuff nights the first week. After a couple days I was detoxed from sugar and life become easier. Today I am in very good shape, and I can regret not starting LCHF diet earlier.

You must have a discipline as a patient on the diet to work over time. It is easy to comfort eating, and then collected easily pounds around the stomach. When the body does not function, as it should it become increasingly difficult to move.

Restenosis and diet
Bill Code March 5, 2011 at. 14:22

Restenosis Prevention: an anti-inflammatory diet is critical pre-and post-angioplasty. Read the restenosis at the forum at Mentioned. It is natural for the body to heal with a scar. However, the scar can be minimized with optimal nutrition. The same happens with the small injury inside the vein with angioplasty as with a skin scar. By fine-tuning the inflammation so That there is not excess inflammation of the scar is reduced. Quality whey protein Further enhances the healing process. Many of us with chronic illness are depleted in certainement nutrients. Hence, the need for some supplements to this improvement process. This would include muscle recovery after months or years of relative inactivity.

The kitchen here at Columna Medica has cooked a much better food than I could have imagined with the harsh restrictions around detoxification. What I've learned here I will take home with me everyday. The six pounds I lost sheep be here.

The survey conducted before the training program was posted were impressive. Every function was carefully examined both medically and physically. The easy part was the medical. I've been through it countless times. The physiological study impressed. They lasted one day with a number of tests, both of different abilities and strengths. After that my personal program was defined.

In my case, it was mostly impossible to walk without aids. Dagmara Somow was the therapist who established the program in consultation with Joseph Hesslinger and myself. It is impressive how well the assessment was made, and how Dagmara has moved positions based on my progress. Now, after just over three weeks I can go without crutches indoors, I will only take them outdoors if it's slippery or it's a long distance to be cleared.

To achieve the level I am at today, we have used;

-Redcord for stability and strength
-Gym for weight training and other physical exercises
-Basin for coordination training
-Horse riding for balance training
-Acupuncture for nerve stimulation
-Water bed massage
-Hydrotherapy for relaxing nerve system

I have previously used the gym and Redcord. I know that these tools are great on their own; along with the other tools this is a superior treatment. Add to that the training occurred under the supervision of my coach all the time. Dagmara has followed me throughout the day, through all the exercises.

I am very satisfied with the training program as, AMEDS Rehabilitation Program, has design it. I hope more MS ill get the opportunity to experience the consistently high quality of training that I've done. The progress I made, I can take with me home when the period is finished. The best review I can give - I will definitely return for another rehabilitation shortly.

Dennis Johansson


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  2. Thank you for this blog, Dennis. Stay strong.
    Love Inger.