Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day IV... Part II

...Before diagnosis 2007 
I went back after a week and said that the symptoms has not improved. The Good Mustafa referred me where to Liljeholmens clinic. There I met my first neurologist. I went through a large battery of neurological tests and a MRI. The neurologist says that there is something more to explore in the head. Exact word was; Some unexpected findings..

I was therefore remitted to the neurologist at Huddinge Hospital. I meet with a new neurologist who says he has a suspicion of MS, based on advice from the neurologist on Liljeholmen. To be sure of his ground, he wants to do an MRI and a lumbar puncture to. Said and done.

Quite and Relaxing
After the investigation, my wife and I went to the country
house in Värmland. The trip was defined previously, and would be a long weekend without children. I was a little tried after lumbar puncture in the morning and 300km in the car.

We sit down in the conservatory and drink a glass of wine with some soft music in the background. Suddenly my wife was really sad. I ask my usual blunt manner - what the hell beeps you for? She had a much greater knowledge of ms than I had myself. 

I understood that it was a bit more serious than chicken pox but did not know much more. Today I understand her reaction much better. We talked a lot about life and ms during the weekend. I can not say that we came up with something revolutionary about the disease then. However, the weekend brought us closer together. I was clear to me that even if, I can not as before, I'm okay anyway. To be continued...

The Gym
Let the training day begin
I managed to reinforce breakfast with a few slices of bread and a hearty pat of butter. Hunger and lack of energy I had this morning was gone. Now the portions are extended so the energy is sufficient for the extensive program. I can already after three days on my new diet to know that I feel better. After breakfast we went to the gym. There are all tools than could be desired. The machines are new and the best brands. Thanks to my MS, it is nice to train with machines. I find it easier to do the movements correctly when the path is defined. Dagmara monitors every move I make, she will not be satisfied until it is completely accurate. There is a huge difference to work out with a personal trainer all day, every day.

Kamila Granko
Kamila is serving tea, and keep track on were to be next.  

On my schedule it was a well-deserved hydrotherapy. It is very god and relaxing. Today a little colder, 32°C in the water.

After the amplified lunch it was time for water aerobics, redcord, massage and my first ever acupuncture. It was a thrilling experience, and I feel relaxed afterwards. It was not more than 10-15 needles here and there, and no pain.

Now my day is done. I am so grateful for how I will be treated here. As a King.

Day IV

Day IV, part 1
I wake up at 4:45 with a headache and a slight hunger. I summarize very quickly how much, or how little, I had eaten the last few days. With a smile, I note that it is only a fraction of the energy I spent here. No need to worry, there are a few kilograms stored in the stomach. They will surely last well into next week. By then? I can not survive on green tea and water. They are presently the only foods without restrictions.

I am not overweight according to BMI. When I did military service for more than thirty years ago I weighed 80kg. When I came to Poland I weighed 82kg. The six pack I had on my stomach is gone, just as stamina and strength. The only thing I have left, is the weight.

Me, Denice and Bill
Yesterday I ate lunch with Bill and Denise Code. Obviously, one of our Discussion topics nutrition and vitamins. Bill talked about the importance of eating a sufficient amount of various vitamins and minerals. I thought that I knew scientifically well what and in what quantities I should eat daily daily. Wrong again.

I recommend you to read the Bills website:  Dr Bill Code

I also recommend you Canadians CCSVI hompage:
NCS National CCSVI Society

Continued ... 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Third Day

First character - the period up to December 2007
It is obvious that the first character I did not understand was associated with my ms. It made ​​me seek health center doctor Mustafa. 

The thing was that I´ve lost my feeling in half face and was a little dizzy in the bud and tired. The Good Mustafa said after a two-minute full body examination;
-That you hav could bee series. Yoo ne'd the X-ray. (Broken Swedish)

So I got a referral to radiology farther in the same corridor of Fruängens clinic. (Small clinic for my block) Radiology nurse looked with great suspicion on my referral, and exclaims;

-How the hell do Mustafa think that I will be able to make an X-ray of your brain with these damn toys. This is a health center and no fucking hospital.

Thus, I was again remitted to Mustafa. He sent me home with the invitation to rest for a week and then come back if it got worse. I could eat a little Asprin if I was in pain.

Dagmara Somow and redcord
There is a huge difference, night and day, between my first visit to the doctor for MS and what happens here in Poland. As I told you yesterday, Dagmara has a major focus on improving my walk. 

She uses all available means. I think the redcord is one of the best tools, but she combines it with water aerobics, massage, stretching and body control.

In order to optimize the treatment further joined Joseph Hesslinger this morning. Joseph is a very distinguished gentleman in rehabilitation and education. Both I and Dagmara listened with big ears when Joseph came with his advice and instructions.

Me and Josef Hesslinger
I am truly privileged who get to experience this. I can already after two days feel like my body responds positive of all treatments. I can only dream about what four weeks of treatment can do. 


After two full days at the clinic I am more than satisfied.

I have meet Dr. Bill Code together with his wife over a lunch. Bill is Director of Medical Research for National CCSVI Society in Canada. I will talk more about that meeting tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Second day in Poland

Pool Water Aerobics
Now the workout started. The AMEDS Rehabilitation center that we are at, is located about 150 miles outside Warsaw, in a town called Lask. The center is brand new with state of the art equipment. The hotel rooms are of hotel standard. The center is very well designed, with high standards and good material.

Service levels are consistently high. The employees are very knowledgeable and speaks good English.

The dietician was very clear with me yesterday. No gluten, no shellfish, no pork, duck or goose. No dairy, alcohol, sugar, coffee, beef, eggs, McDonalds ........ Now I will STOP.

The restaurant here outweighs all my restrictions. The meals I have been served after my restrictions do that there will be no problem to follow the diet. 

Very good kitchen!

Now for the workout. As you understand, I am interested in machines of all kinds. This morning on the first pass, I was really impressed. With various sensors attached to the back and a treadmill, you get a computer animation of the skeleton movement.

When the images were interpreted, I ended up directly in Redcord sling. Then the day continued with a focus on the stomach, torso and legs.  

So relaxing
The program included, weight training, water aerobics, hydrotherapy, stretch and massage. All this in a single day. 

Tomorrow starts the day at the gym at 9:00. 

We are two patients from AMEDS Rehabilitation program here in Lask. Lena has a blogg to.

Lenas blog 

Now I go to bed. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Poland day 1

AMEDS ambulance pick us up
Finally at the room at AMEDS Rehabilitation Program in Lask. It's been a long day. Air travel from Stockholm at 10:30. I met Lena at the airport. The trip went smoothly. In Warsaw AMEDS staff waited on us. We went by ambulance to AMEDS Centrum Clinic, for examinations.

Justyna, Lena, Dennis
The first visit was with cardiologist who controlled the flow through the veins using ultrasound. The second study was with the neurologist. The third survey was blood and heart. The fourth was with the dietitian. The fifth and last was with the optician. All but the last one was at AMEDS in Warsaw.

I got a good laugh at the optician. She said, Dennis, you need glasses!

Everything has worked very well. Logistics has worked perfectly. Justyna has made a good job by make everything run smooth during the day. It was fun to meet the team who were here in 2011 when I did CCSVI.

The person who made the biggest impression on me today was Olga, dietician. She told many truths about my diet. She summed it up by asking, are you mad at me if you lose 5-6 kg in four weeks?

Hell, no.

I am charged for the next four weeks. Tomorrow I meet with my personal trainer at 10:00.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aids for mobility

Sunday morning. Today I will talk about aids. My big interest in life is machines of all kinds. The disease has not changed interest, on the contrary, found new opportunities. The disease has also found new friends for me.

A year ago I bought a used Segway on Ebay. I was a bit deceived, when the batteries were bad. I ordered new batteries from the dealership in Sweden. They thought I was a dealer, so I got the wholesale price. The batteries were delivered as promised. After a few days phoned the dealership to me and said I had the wrong price. He said it was ok with the price as long as I did not tell anyone. I will not tell you either, because I have promised Jonny on Sergway, one of my new friends.
Paolo, Jonny, Anders
In the summer Jonny came to my country place with his truck full of Segways and Gennys. With him was also Paolo Badano who designed Genny. The purpose was to show Genny for Anders Olsson, a friend of mine, who has a spinal cord injury and uses a wheelchair

Anders is one of the world's top disabled athletes. He has more medals from Olympic gold to WM gold than I can lift. He is the only disabled athlete who swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco. Not only that, he also won the contest. His opponent this time was not disabled.

Homepage for Genny                                       Homepage for Anders
Can-Am Spyder, waiting for the spring... and me...
It is interesting how a disability can open new paths. Anders and Paolo are two examples of how broken backs can affect their lives and find new opportunities. It has also given me the privilege to get to know these two amazing persons. I might have done it without MS, but I do not think so.

Now I will focus to me. Tomorrow it's off to Poland. Time to get up and pack my things. I'll just go out in the garage and look at this summer's new machine. I find it hard to ride two-wheeler

I can do what kids do, ride tricycle.

There is nothing to stop us, other than myself. Unless a road is passable, find another. I will never give up. If MS will make it difficult for me - then the struggle with the disease is going to be pretty damn hard. I don´t surrender.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Today I have started to translate my blog to English. From now on I will write everything in English. If you want, you can still comment in Swedish. If you have any question to me, feel free to use Swedish.

I am stupid not thinking on the language question from the beginning... I blame it on ms.

Two days to go before going to Poland. Can´t wait.

Friday, February 22, 2013

MS Rehab

Perfect practice, makes perfect.
MS Rehab with new focus 
In a few weeks I am going to AMEDS in Poland for four weeks ms rehab. This is a rehab solely intended for patients with MS. AMEDS has many years of experience in CCSVI treatments and has concluded that rehabilitation is crucial for CCSVI treatment will give the best results.

I have had
angiology at AMEDS in April 2011, and has been on the follow-up in August the same year. I will tell you more about the visits under the tab CCSVI. (in Swedish)

I have also been at rehab three times in Sweden. What I missed here at home is, the real drive to achieve the best results in all areas. Of course after my own conditions. I've learned a lot of the ms-teams that I already have met, but know that it is possible to get rehabilitation even longer.

I come daily to fill in with my experiences.

AMEDS Rehabilitation program