Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Second day in Poland

Pool Water Aerobics
Now the workout started. The AMEDS Rehabilitation center that we are at, is located about 150 miles outside Warsaw, in a town called Lask. The center is brand new with state of the art equipment. The hotel rooms are of hotel standard. The center is very well designed, with high standards and good material.

Service levels are consistently high. The employees are very knowledgeable and speaks good English.

The dietician was very clear with me yesterday. No gluten, no shellfish, no pork, duck or goose. No dairy, alcohol, sugar, coffee, beef, eggs, McDonalds ........ Now I will STOP.

The restaurant here outweighs all my restrictions. The meals I have been served after my restrictions do that there will be no problem to follow the diet. 

Very good kitchen!

Now for the workout. As you understand, I am interested in machines of all kinds. This morning on the first pass, I was really impressed. With various sensors attached to the back and a treadmill, you get a computer animation of the skeleton movement.

When the images were interpreted, I ended up directly in Redcord sling. Then the day continued with a focus on the stomach, torso and legs.  

So relaxing
The program included, weight training, water aerobics, hydrotherapy, stretch and massage. All this in a single day. 

Tomorrow starts the day at the gym at 9:00. 

We are two patients from AMEDS Rehabilitation program here in Lask. Lena has a blogg to.

Lenas blog 

Now I go to bed.