Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Third Day

First character - the period up to December 2007
It is obvious that the first character I did not understand was associated with my ms. It made ​​me seek health center doctor Mustafa. 

The thing was that I´ve lost my feeling in half face and was a little dizzy in the bud and tired. The Good Mustafa said after a two-minute full body examination;
-That you hav could bee series. Yoo ne'd the X-ray. (Broken Swedish)

So I got a referral to radiology farther in the same corridor of Fruängens clinic. (Small clinic for my block) Radiology nurse looked with great suspicion on my referral, and exclaims;

-How the hell do Mustafa think that I will be able to make an X-ray of your brain with these damn toys. This is a health center and no fucking hospital.

Thus, I was again remitted to Mustafa. He sent me home with the invitation to rest for a week and then come back if it got worse. I could eat a little Asprin if I was in pain.

Dagmara Somow and redcord
There is a huge difference, night and day, between my first visit to the doctor for MS and what happens here in Poland. As I told you yesterday, Dagmara has a major focus on improving my walk. 

She uses all available means. I think the redcord is one of the best tools, but she combines it with water aerobics, massage, stretching and body control.

In order to optimize the treatment further joined Joseph Hesslinger this morning. Joseph is a very distinguished gentleman in rehabilitation and education. Both I and Dagmara listened with big ears when Joseph came with his advice and instructions.

Me and Josef Hesslinger
I am truly privileged who get to experience this. I can already after two days feel like my body responds positive of all treatments. I can only dream about what four weeks of treatment can do. 


After two full days at the clinic I am more than satisfied.

I have meet Dr. Bill Code together with his wife over a lunch. Bill is Director of Medical Research for National CCSVI Society in Canada. I will talk more about that meeting tomorrow.


  1. That's great that you are feeling better after two days! Good Luck with the acupuncture tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Filippa! You know, I don´t care about needles...