Monday, February 25, 2013

Poland day 1

AMEDS ambulance pick us up
Finally at the room at AMEDS Rehabilitation Program in Lask. It's been a long day. Air travel from Stockholm at 10:30. I met Lena at the airport. The trip went smoothly. In Warsaw AMEDS staff waited on us. We went by ambulance to AMEDS Centrum Clinic, for examinations.

Justyna, Lena, Dennis
The first visit was with cardiologist who controlled the flow through the veins using ultrasound. The second study was with the neurologist. The third survey was blood and heart. The fourth was with the dietitian. The fifth and last was with the optician. All but the last one was at AMEDS in Warsaw.

I got a good laugh at the optician. She said, Dennis, you need glasses!

Everything has worked very well. Logistics has worked perfectly. Justyna has made a good job by make everything run smooth during the day. It was fun to meet the team who were here in 2011 when I did CCSVI.

The person who made the biggest impression on me today was Olga, dietician. She told many truths about my diet. She summed it up by asking, are you mad at me if you lose 5-6 kg in four weeks?

Hell, no.

I am charged for the next four weeks. Tomorrow I meet with my personal trainer at 10:00.

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