My MS - History before CCSVI

At half speed after MS diagnosis

Dennis  at sanofi-aventis MS team Symposium 2009
MS pathology has forced Dennis Johansson to halve working hours and all other commitments and increase resting as much. He needs to sleep 1, 5-2 hours each afternoon.

- My old intelligence remains, but I have to work with other intellectual technologies, he says.

Nobis Hotel

Dennis Johansson, 46, is vice president and co-owner of Nobis, parent company of a restaurant and hotel chain, which includes Opera Cellar, Café Opera, Stallmästaregården, Täby Park Hotel J Nacka Strand and Hotel Skeppsholmen included. A total of approximately 700 employees working in the group. He is also a board member of VISITA, the Swedish Hotel and Restaurant Association.

In 2008, Dennis Johansson diagnosed with MS, the inflammatory demyelinating disease that affects the central nervous system. Which means he now has one leg and support rail and a cooling vest.

- No, I do not want to stop working and passivate me into the sofa. I want to die with the phone in my hand!

Until he was hit by MS Dennis Johansson worked more than full time.

- Now I must instead reduce working hours, and all other obligations by half, and increase fire as much. I need to sleep 1, 5-2 hours each afternoon, he says.

Dennis Johansson says he searched for his trouble back in 2006.

- But I was diagnosed and fixed treatment instigated until 2008. Where did care a miss. If treatment is started earlier, it had been able to save me relapses in the meantime. 

He explains that his old intelligence remains, but that he must work with other intellectual technologies. 

- When I, for example, to take to me the contents of a text, I read "line by line". And in between assure me that I understood the content.

Life changed 
With MS, it is difficult to do several things at once, says Dennis Johansson.

- I have such difficulty talking on mobile phones while walking. It is also very difficult to sit in a meeting where the participants talk in the mouth of another. It is important that the substance handled discussed and that the debate does not end up including bike racks and geraniums. But my symptoms and shortcomings are not general. Each MS patient is an individual.

Dennis Johansson illustrates the cognitive disturbances that can affect an MS-sick.

- When a person with no cognitive problems are going to Uppsala from Stockholm pose no greater mental sacrifice. But when a person with cognitive problems should do the same, some difficulties arise. Both people have the same knowledge about Uppsala there. But the person with the problem can not automatically the fastest way, but may end up there after taking a turn of Sigtuna.

- Problems with cognition makes much more energy and time is spent to solve the same task. Dennis Johansson believes that the key to dealing with this, which in itself can be perceived as very debilitating, is to plan their time. And do not try an optimistic time estimate, "the house of cards collapses easily."

Dennis Johansson says he's had to have his day programmed hour for hour in their iPhone.

- Symptoms relating character depends on where the damage in the brain sits. In my case, among other things, "wide band" between the right and left brain that is affected.

He says that he is involved in the book A last taboo? A book about MS and cognition authored by Richard Levi, professor of rehabilitation medicine and Catrine Träff, leg. occupational therapist. It highlights the cognitive problems in MS. The subject has long been taboo, but are best handled with openness and candor.

Apart from the missed diagnosis does the Swedish healthcare and Insurance well in Dennis Johansson's case. Meanwhile, from December 2008 to February 2009 he joined a rehabilitation - insertion rate. His medication works now fine, since he stopped taking a drug that gave severe side effects.

- The problem for many patients, especially with MS is that you have to be pretty strong and perseverance to cope get through their case.

He is not a member of a patient association.

- It does not suit me. I'm used to deal with the problems on their own and solve them quickly - à la minute

.However, he says, the disease has given him some new friends.

- "My MS Friends". We are a small network of which meet regularly, exchange experiences, exercise and drink a beer together.

Looking for new treatments
Laser probe 904 nm
Recently, Dennis Johansson on own initiative started a laser treatment, which he thinks has some positive effect.

- For some time, I have also started eating Alaskan Blueberry. They contain ten times as much antioxidants as our Swedish. I'm also a big consumer of vitamins of various kinds.

As an employer of approximately 700 employees Dennis Johansson responsibility for employee health. It is natural for him to be attentive to any disorder of the company.

- The time between the first symptoms and diagnosis / treatment - starting today is too long. It needs to be shortened. Both the individual and the employer's perspective, it is extremely specify position to promptly identify and support all people who contracted some sort of illness, says Dennis Johansson.

Retrieved from magazine "Santé" (# 1 2010). "Santé" is published by Sanofi-Aventis.

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