Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day IV... Part II

...Before diagnosis 2007 
I went back after a week and said that the symptoms has not improved. The Good Mustafa referred me where to Liljeholmens clinic. There I met my first neurologist. I went through a large battery of neurological tests and a MRI. The neurologist says that there is something more to explore in the head. Exact word was; Some unexpected findings..

I was therefore remitted to the neurologist at Huddinge Hospital. I meet with a new neurologist who says he has a suspicion of MS, based on advice from the neurologist on Liljeholmen. To be sure of his ground, he wants to do an MRI and a lumbar puncture to. Said and done.

Quite and Relaxing
After the investigation, my wife and I went to the country
house in Värmland. The trip was defined previously, and would be a long weekend without children. I was a little tried after lumbar puncture in the morning and 300km in the car.

We sit down in the conservatory and drink a glass of wine with some soft music in the background. Suddenly my wife was really sad. I ask my usual blunt manner - what the hell beeps you for? She had a much greater knowledge of ms than I had myself. 

I understood that it was a bit more serious than chicken pox but did not know much more. Today I understand her reaction much better. We talked a lot about life and ms during the weekend. I can not say that we came up with something revolutionary about the disease then. However, the weekend brought us closer together. I was clear to me that even if, I can not as before, I'm okay anyway. To be continued...

The Gym
Let the training day begin
I managed to reinforce breakfast with a few slices of bread and a hearty pat of butter. Hunger and lack of energy I had this morning was gone. Now the portions are extended so the energy is sufficient for the extensive program. I can already after three days on my new diet to know that I feel better. After breakfast we went to the gym. There are all tools than could be desired. The machines are new and the best brands. Thanks to my MS, it is nice to train with machines. I find it easier to do the movements correctly when the path is defined. Dagmara monitors every move I make, she will not be satisfied until it is completely accurate. There is a huge difference to work out with a personal trainer all day, every day.

Kamila Granko
Kamila is serving tea, and keep track on were to be next.  

On my schedule it was a well-deserved hydrotherapy. It is very god and relaxing. Today a little colder, 32°C in the water.

After the amplified lunch it was time for water aerobics, redcord, massage and my first ever acupuncture. It was a thrilling experience, and I feel relaxed afterwards. It was not more than 10-15 needles here and there, and no pain.

Now my day is done. I am so grateful for how I will be treated here. As a King.


  1. I can agree with everything you write about our stay here, Dennis! Getting all this individually tailored treatment and training is priceless!
    See you tomorrow, for breakfast! It will be exciting to see what is offered! ;) / Lena

    1. Today it is a new day. I think the portions of food are adjusted to our satisfaction.

  2. I miss you!

    Hugs Filippa