Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day IV

Day IV, part 1
I wake up at 4:45 with a headache and a slight hunger. I summarize very quickly how much, or how little, I had eaten the last few days. With a smile, I note that it is only a fraction of the energy I spent here. No need to worry, there are a few kilograms stored in the stomach. They will surely last well into next week. By then? I can not survive on green tea and water. They are presently the only foods without restrictions.

I am not overweight according to BMI. When I did military service for more than thirty years ago I weighed 80kg. When I came to Poland I weighed 82kg. The six pack I had on my stomach is gone, just as stamina and strength. The only thing I have left, is the weight.

Me, Denice and Bill
Yesterday I ate lunch with Bill and Denise Code. Obviously, one of our Discussion topics nutrition and vitamins. Bill talked about the importance of eating a sufficient amount of various vitamins and minerals. I thought that I knew scientifically well what and in what quantities I should eat daily daily. Wrong again.

I recommend you to read the Bills website:  Dr Bill Code

I also recommend you Canadians CCSVI hompage:
NCS National CCSVI Society

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