Sunday, February 24, 2013

Aids for mobility

Sunday morning. Today I will talk about aids. My big interest in life is machines of all kinds. The disease has not changed interest, on the contrary, found new opportunities. The disease has also found new friends for me.

A year ago I bought a used Segway on Ebay. I was a bit deceived, when the batteries were bad. I ordered new batteries from the dealership in Sweden. They thought I was a dealer, so I got the wholesale price. The batteries were delivered as promised. After a few days phoned the dealership to me and said I had the wrong price. He said it was ok with the price as long as I did not tell anyone. I will not tell you either, because I have promised Jonny on Sergway, one of my new friends.
Paolo, Jonny, Anders
In the summer Jonny came to my country place with his truck full of Segways and Gennys. With him was also Paolo Badano who designed Genny. The purpose was to show Genny for Anders Olsson, a friend of mine, who has a spinal cord injury and uses a wheelchair

Anders is one of the world's top disabled athletes. He has more medals from Olympic gold to WM gold than I can lift. He is the only disabled athlete who swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco. Not only that, he also won the contest. His opponent this time was not disabled.

Homepage for Genny                                       Homepage for Anders
Can-Am Spyder, waiting for the spring... and me...
It is interesting how a disability can open new paths. Anders and Paolo are two examples of how broken backs can affect their lives and find new opportunities. It has also given me the privilege to get to know these two amazing persons. I might have done it without MS, but I do not think so.

Now I will focus to me. Tomorrow it's off to Poland. Time to get up and pack my things. I'll just go out in the garage and look at this summer's new machine. I find it hard to ride two-wheeler

I can do what kids do, ride tricycle.

There is nothing to stop us, other than myself. Unless a road is passable, find another. I will never give up. If MS will make it difficult for me - then the struggle with the disease is going to be pretty damn hard. I don´t surrender.


  1. Hello! Good luck in Poland and I wish you all the best for your training/rehab! Im looking forward your stamcell surgery result, then I will take you to the ski resort and ski with you! As I said before good luck in Poland, big hugs Filippa.

    1. Thanks Filippa
      I love go skiing with you again!

  2. Kör järnet pappa! Du är bäst!

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