Friday, March 1, 2013

Fifth Day

...Before diagnosis 2007
As a solution-oriented individual, I would not float in ignorance. There were many hours in front of the computer. I wanted to understand the disease and how it would be willing to continue. At the same time, I wanted to get me knowledge of what treatments were available. Knowledge of how other MS patients handled their situation was also important. I've never surrounded myself by yes-men and feel-sorry-about-me. To be in a position of dependence was not in my vocabulary. I would probably tinkering this myself. Point.

I'm still smart enough to not only trust my own judgement and my own knowledge. There is help available, and with a much deeper knowledge than I ever can get me myself. OK, even if it went against, I'll have to work through others. If it would be possible, I had to tell about my illness to others. That was a god decision.

A month later I get called to Huddinge. The notice says that I should take with me a relative. Said and done again. Me and my wife go there together. The neurologist explains calmly and methodically what his investigations led to.

With the results in hand, maybe I should have sought help earlier. I could sit at a long meeting, and after a few hours to feel that I did not go with at the end. An indescribable fatigue could well on me without warning. So suddenly that I just lay down on the office floor and fell asleep in seconds. There were even times when I had to stop the car by the roadside. It was not a question of finding a good parking space and then calmly stop and park. I must stop the car now. After a moment of sleep was all on track again. Thankfully no serious incidents happened during this time. Mostly things I can laugh about today.

One such occasion was at the office. I lay on my back and slept on my green carpet. I probably had not closed my door completely, and my colleagues are accustomed to just barging in if the door is open. I wake up from my beauty sleep with a chock. One of the old hags stand and shout;


  To be continued...

Pawel in the kitchen
As of yesterday increased my portions, with meals served five times a day. The food is tasty and good. I'm not hungry, and the headache is gone. I was much more skeptical of the anti-inflammatory diet before I had tried. I will definitely put on my eating habits radically. I have already warned the family that most things in the fridge and pantry to be from there when I'm home again. It is replaced by other commodities. I suspect that the big fight at home will be about the sugar. 

It is obvious that poor eating habits, affects the body adversely. 

While the disease is managed, the toxins are cleared from the body. It is an uneven battle. 

Now I will help my body to withstand more attacks.

Todays training
Today's workout went well. An incident pool, when my legs would not move solved with moving to another pool with warmer water. I have not had problems with the cold before, only with heat. Wonders time is not over. Now it has become inverted. I understand nothing. Maybe it's not supposed to understand when you have MS. The day ended with a back massage. It was so nice that I fell asleep on the couch.

Wiola and Marta
Care of the outside
I had a free period in the afternoon. Then I took the opportunity to take both manicures and pedicures. 

Columna Medica has all the facilities I could want in a luxury rehab.
As a Swedish citizen I was thinking what to do Saturday and Sunday. We use to be off duty during the weekends. I asked Dagmara, and my concern about the weekend did find a solution very quickly.

-Here is your training schedule for the weekend... 

Thank you. I love Poland! :)

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