Saturday, March 23, 2013

Day 27 - Piotr & Dagmara, my Polish heroes

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I returned Ashamed to my sickbed. This was not good. Cardiologist is pissed, and rightly so. The exercise of the stairs was maybe a little unnecessary. Okay, I will try to sit on the edge of the bed and be spanked on my fingers.  

Piotr Pawluczuk
My concerns proved to be unfounded, Piotr came with a big  smile into my room one moment later. It's good, the procedure went well yesterday. He examines me thoroughly. I had to do a number of neurological tests. If I'm not mistaken was also an ultrasound examination. 

He says that the surgery went well. Blood flow in the jugular vein was restored to 70% from almost non-existent. He had found several constrictions that he had successfully expanded. He also said that the next month is important to see if the blood flow will function over time. He says he will write me out of the hospital in a few hours. 

The last hospital lunch
After a while the nurse with a syringe. She wanted to exercise injection technique with me. I asked her where she wanted syringe? She looked horrified at me and said, It is YOU who will have the syringe - Not I. Okay, where should I have it? In the stomach? Subcutaneous? I opened the package and put the used syringe in my stomach flesh. She watched with open mouth and exclaims - that was unnecessary. I replied that I took daily injections for several years. She walks out of the room smiling. 

Next visit the room was neurologist. She reviewed my medical records and MRI images from yesterday. She gives me about the same draw as I received of my neurologists in Sweden. She thought that I was able to experience some improvement after the successful surgery yesterday. She also said that I would be aware of that some improvements may go back. 

I was discharged in the afternoon with a bag of syringes and tablets. I hobbled down the corridor with my roller bag and my crutch. When I got out of sight of the medical team and the staff I gave me the crutch and the bag to my wife. I went by myself, slowly but by myself. 

We return to the hotel in Warsaw. I had with great appetite tossed in my mouth the chicken club I had for lunch at the hospital.

Now we are at the restaurant at the hotel. I was hungry and thirsty. Party time. We did not even go up to your room, but right into the restaurant. 

Club Sandwich and a giant beer, please. And quickly. Once the food has been served, I were token the sandwich in my right hand and the large beer glass in left. I eat and drink at the same time. My wife stop talking and sit quietly and stare at me in surprise. I ask, what? She replies thoughtfully, Dennis, you´re holding the glass in his left hand and drinks. 

That I have not seen in many years.
To be continued..

Today at the Rehab

Dagmara Somow
The last full training day. I had to admit, I am a little bit tired. (please don´t tell Dagmara) I has been training 27 days in a row.

All days has been full days except for one. It was a half day.  I will wait until I reach Swedish soil before I give my final statement. But I guess, you know what it will contain.

Now I am sitting in the bar, and writing the last post on Blogger from Poland this time. 

I am looking at the glass of beer above in this post... No... I can not... Or can I... No I can´t... Maybe a glass of vine... It contains no sugar, gluten or red meat. Or maybe I go for the vodka... No I can´t, it contains alcohol... 

I go for the wine. That´s only vegetables.

I want to dedicate this post to Dagmara and Piotr. They really meant a lot to me. The improvements I did on my first visit to Poland in 2011 still largely remain. The fucking crutch I had with me four weeks ago, I leave in Poland. :)


  1. I wish you all the best in the world and keep your fighter spririt. Much love, Inger.

  2. Thank you for the box of chocolates, it was very nice of you :) I hope you'll get better and visit us again in the future but not for rehabilitation but for recreation and relaxation. Take care! Monika, the receptionist :)

    1. Thank you Monika.

      I will be back! You have been doing a great work to make me feel like home.