Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday, day 6

After diagnosis 2008...
After the episode, we learned two things at work, I have to close my door, and the old hags that I rest sometimes. Today I have a comfortable armchair with footstool where I take my rest now rare in the office. I do not work 12 hours a day any more. 

It makes me think of a sleep history, witch has nothing with MS to do. I did my military service in the North. In the final exercise which had the name Northern Lights, we would regroup 300km by Bv-206, all-terrain carrier. It behaved no better than the quartermaster went off the road with the priest in the middle of the night. They were a bit ahead of us in the queue. It certainly had not been a concern to venture out into the terrain with the tracked vehicle and round the boobs lying in the ditch with their vehicle. But it failed.  

The farmer who owned the land on the side of the road would have no conscripts in the tracked vehicle on his land. It was just to sit and wait. We were in full combat readiness with guns gas mask and the whole damn. All-terrain carriers as the Swedish military had just purchased had almost no drivers at that time. Me and another guy in my group was the only one who had received training and certificate in cart. Thus, I had been sitting behind the wheel for 15 hours. It did not take long before I fell asleep in the heat and idle rumble to the engine. It was 30 degrees cold outside and moderately humid and musty in the cart.

I slept well, and dreamed for sure if it was a war for real. I had my machine gun loaded with blank ammunition in his lap, ready to shoot with. I wake up to a tenth of a second off the driver's door torn up and someone screaming. Equally fast was k-piste unsecured and shoved in the faces of our Major. The episode cost me two Saturday-Sunday in the cage.


The years before my diagnosis, I worked tolerable good. I trained two or three times a week and was in good physical shape. I have a wife and four children. I worked pretty much as I always did, and the family had the activities that all families have. I was certainly struggling more and more to make ends meet. The flare I had when I went to Mustafa 2006 healed at one month and everything went back to normal. I think it's a shame I did not get the right care immediately. Is there anything I learned, it's a completely lost function can not be trained back. The right training, the right diet and the right treatment, everything as early as possible, makes a big difference.
To be continued...

 Slawomir Mijas, Rafał Pluciński  and me
At last Saturday! There are only two days left until Monday. I thought it would be a quiet weekend. How wrong I was. Dagmara has instructed Rafał how the weekend will be spent. The day began with an hour in the gym, and then 30 minutes in hydrotherapy. It feels good to be here. The handover to a new coach for the weekend has gone well. I think that Rafał is a bit nicer than Dagmara, but I do not want sweet, I want hard. :)

Snack at 11am
I'm starting to get used to the new diet. I feel really good, hunger and headaches are completely gone. The energy level is good. I had never imagined what potential it's real diet.

Rafał Pluciński and Me
When AMEDS put together rehabilitation program, they really quarry in all aspects. Some are not new to me as MS patient, but other theories are. Diet Posture has a much greater influence on quality of life than I could ever dream of.

Now is the time to jump into the pool again. Rafał is waiting...

Aqua on the agenda.

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