Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 32 : 4 - Post training & Post CCSVI

... April 2011, after surgery 

It was unbelievable, the first time after the operation of AMEDS in Poland. I was almost without MS symptoms. It was like all the problems disappeared overnight. Cardiologist Piotr Pavluksuc I met in Uppsala on CCSVI lecture a week later. I said to him, Poland has a new citizen. Dennis Johansson, born 27 April 2011. Thus, I have two nationalities, a Swedish since 1963, and a new self-imposed Polish from 2011. 

My status 
The right jugular vein had no flow at all in a sitting or standing position. There was a very small flow when I lay down. Left side worked and other veins were ok. EEDS estimated at 5.0 by the neurologist in Poland, the latest Swedish test was in Dec-10 4.5 (KS), and in Oct-10 4.5 (rehab). Last flare in Dec-10 made apparently some residual symptoms. 

The right vein was blasted 2 times with different sizes of balloons. The flow was restored, from 0% to 75% of normal. There was some discomfort at the surgery, but still quite affordable. What I experienced as the hardest was to lie still on my back for so many hours afterwards. 

Best experience of the operation was that the feet were warm again after surgery and the pizza my wife fed me after the surgery. I was hungry as a galley slave. 

I had obviously noticed some improvements before lunch, but it had only been a few hours since I got out of bed. My thought was that any improvements will probably sneaking in coming months. 

Oh so wrong I was. Four days later, I can say; 
-Dressing without problems 
-Can stand on one leg again 
-No problem with stairs 
-Left hand works much better 
-Balance work 
-No panic to the toilet 
-No brain fog 
-No fatigue 
-No heat intolerance

I've probably forgotten something, but it feels like the clock screwed back a few years. 

CCSVI conference in Uppsala 
As I mentioned at the conference, I've barely been home a week after the surgery in Poland. My day started at 5:30 this morning, with activity all day. This had absolutely not been possible before my trip to Ameds. The volume was at maximum with house music in the car between Uppsala and Stockholm. It has not been like that the last 5 years! 

It just gives me more water on CCSVI mill. Cognition has rebounded as well. Summarizes I week, I wonder what the heck I've been doing the last few years. I've been struggling with strategies to get the energy to suffice the most important. Extinguish fires, and to ensure that everyone in your family have food in your stomach. Not even I have been particularly successful at. There, my wife took more and more responsibility.  

Sauna have to wait until tomorrow, when who should be filled up with beer in the fridge grossly neglected her duties. I'm thinking of sacking that fuck. :)
To be continued..



Food again
I has been a lot talking about the diet in this the blog. I am getting more and more convinced that food is one of the keys to mastering MS. I don´t really care about the 7 kilos I have lost in less than five weeks. I was not fat before, 82kg and 183 centimetres tall. What I care about is the change in power and how good I am feeling right now.

It's not a big sacrifice to opt out of certain raw materials. Profit is tenfold greater. I am very happy to have got to get started and teach me how I should proceed. I do not undergo a diet is the hardest part. It comes later in everyday life. 

We humans are basically collectors since the Stone Age. It's all about planning and organizing. Sure, it takes a lot of time. But it's worth it. It's about finding your innate heritage, and practice them.

AMEDS Rehabilitation Program
My evaluation will be posted under the topic in the side bar. 

Stem cell
Next on the agenda will be stem cell transplant. The first date is confirmed to 16th of April. The second treatment will be in September.

I am currently not taking any drugs against my MS. I hope I do not get relapses during treatment. Should it happen, stem cell treatment may be discontinued.

I will eat my carrots and hope for the best. :) 


  1. HEJ!
    Med stort intresse läser jag om Uppsala. Jag var där, Ballongsprängd och i fin form. Med intresse hörde jag på om din resa.Jag stod upp hela tiden för jag ville fotografera. Fick många kommentarer om att jag kunde stå så länge! Det gick ju inte förrut. Intressant var att fika med Professorena. Intressant för mig var att Professor Sten Fredriksson ledde mötet. Jag är ju patient hos honom. Han blev en aning förvånad när han fick veta att jag genomgått CCSIV! Han väste fram : Har du! Han är ju inte som jag troende. Han vill ha vetenskapliga bevis! Jag är inget vetenskapligt bevis! Men jag mår ju bättre och det är viktigart för mig!
    Nu skall jag ta någe stärkande! Kaffe!
    Bra att du skriver jag fölljer det med intresse!

    1. Hej Sven
      Jag talade med Prof. Fredriksson för två veckor sedan när jag var nere i Polen. Vi disskuterade inte CCSVI då, men jag kommer att ta upp det nästa gång jag träffar honom.

      Jag kommer att de närmaste dagarna komma in på restnos i min blog.

      Det låter som att du fortfarande har förbättringar kvar efter CCSVI. Det har jag också, över allt förutom benen. Nya skov i ryggen?

  2. Hej!
    Ja jag mår nog bra efter min behandling. Det är vådligt lätt at alla krämpor bli MS. Ta du ett snack om CCSIV med Fredriksson. Det skulle vara skönt att få honom på vår sida!

    1. Det skall absolut göra när det är läge.