Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 7 at Rehab

...Medicine after diagnosis 2008
While my treatment would start, few patients died in Sweden after they received Tysabri. My doctor then chose another preparation. The problem was that I was in febrile seizures a day in the weeks after the injection. After twelve weeks and a few trips into the emergency room, I switch treatment.


It can annoy me terribly much that I became apart nursed initially. The preparation I received gave me such side effects to the quality of life deteriorated markedly. I've looked in my diary from the start, and can confirm that it was the treatment that forced me to be sick. Sick leave begins on the day I take my first shot. I was sick 100% in two months. I went back and worked 50% and 75% in the end, I tried 100%. It worked for a week, then I had to work less again. When I had taken treatment Friday after work. So this weekend was spent with fever and chills. 

My wife who supported me first days after the injection each week, began to get tired. I've always been training a few days a week. I tried to continue with it after the start of treatment. It was not possible, I been completely destroyed after the session, and became even more tired and got even worse mood.Is it supposed to be the home of the chills when you're free, and spend that energy you have left at work? I did come home from work and was tired and in a fucking bad mood. I did not want to meet friends or do anything at all. I have no use for you at all right now, my wife said. Should it be like this forever?

My family
Me and Filippa, Kristina, Line, William, Victor
Obviously it should not be so. We enjoyed our tests in life before MS knocked or kicked, in the door. We have raised four children, along with everything it requires. The children are becoming adults now (2013, 24years, 22 years, 19 years and 13 years), but this happened seven years ago, and then all lived at home. How do you explain to a five year old that Daddy can not be bothered to draw or play. It hurts, even though I really tried to do my best.
To be continued...

Food again
Beata and Sylwia

I know it's been a lot of talk about food. It is not so strange when I left a poor diet, with plenty of sugar, white bread, coffee, fried and processed foods. The first day of weaning was very tough. I woke up, for example, Thursday 4:30, sweaty and with a terrible sugar cravings. I had managed to resist the welcome gift in the room, a piece of chocolate wrapped in cellophane in a neat barrel. The chocolate bar was quite ill at the time, but I managed to resist
Anyway, Beata and Sylwia are doing
their best to test my resistance. I will not fall...
I can't train in this...
Columna Medica

I'm trying to embed my bed every morning. Apparently, they do not find that the bed are well enough done, so they flatten the sheet, and add a few pieces of chocolate on my pillow. I am strong and can resist. I survive and manage World War III. :)

Training on a Sunday!

This morning I tried to get into the gym 08:30, but I was first on the scene. Rafał came shortly after. I had hoped to continue with some custom exercises before Rafał came. Failed. I was, after all, to some exercises yesterday after Redcord training. I've trained with PT for many years, so I have some basic knowledge of how I can access certain muscle groups. I understand that Dagmara and Rafał wish me well when they tell me to rest. I am a real mule who want to test my limits at all times. Maybe it's because of that, I have not ended up in a wheelchair yet.

Program of world-class
I know after a week that my body responds well to the training here at Columna Medica. We who have MS have to do our exercises for much longer period of time, than those who are healthy. We will never achieve the same results, but it is not the purpose. The purpose is to contain the damage caused by disease of at a minimal level. AMEDS Rehabilitation program has the best knowledge about MS, and the work the program does, makes the difference.

A complete loss of function can not be trained back, it's about to hold out until the new treatment methods has been available. And believe me, they will.

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