Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 24 - Film

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... April 2011, part 2 
I had my doubts about this trip to Africa. Would I be able to keep the pace of the trip. It was a business trip combined with pleasure. I had great trouble walking, and lifting the feet. It's a long flight between Stockholm and Johannesburg. Although there is no time difference, it is a long trip. 

We arrive at Johannesburg in the morning. We did go directly to Nelson Mandela Square. When there, we eat a good lunch at a meat restaurant. Then direct the cars to Mabula Game Lodge, located about 200km from Johannesburg. The farm is located in a national park. I was hoping to see the "Big Five". The animal I have left on my list is the cheetah. The others are checked. 

We were out on safari in the morning, in the evening and at night. It is a magical feeling in the savannah during the night. All sounds and smells. I can guarantee that everyone jumped high when hyenas approached in the darkness. When the lion came towards us in the evening sun, all sat flash still. 

The image etched into my memory was from morning safari. Approximately 15 Zebras are grazing when the sun is coming up. Further away were some wildebeest. Closest to the Jeep, poked some wild boar in soil.

Cape Town

After a coupple of days at Mabula the journey continued to Cape Town. There began the visit with a visit to one of the townships. There, we visited a local bar with beaten earth floors and a single 3-liter bucket to drink their homemade beer in. Someone paid a couple Rands, and then the waiter dipped the bucket into a barrel half full of brew. The bucket went all round, then another Rand and it went on down the barrel again. 

Shantytown school
The next visit was to a school. Ninety children between 3 and 6 years was employed by the three teachers. They had some stuff to play with, the were few. We had bought some footballs, they were gone as quickly as the kids. Soccer match with five balls, was in full swing. Misses were then able to show us the school for a while. 

The next child who whines at the school back in Sweden, I will personally give a very long detention. 

Township is an organized chaos. It is a spectacle of colours, scents. A maze of alleys and yet a certain organization. There are people everywhere, and all the cooking is done on the streets. It is still clean and tidy everywhere. People are curious and helpful. 

Hells Angels 
The next morning we were driven to a beach café for breakfast. We all was about to putt the morning coffee in our throats, when a 50's Harley Davidsons parked outside the café. We get orders to go out and choose a driver. The journey went up along the coast road. The journey ends at a small port. 

RIB boat 
Regrouping the RIB. We went at 50 knots towards the south pole. The aim was to round Cape Horn. This is where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet. The waves were 10 feet high, so I had to keep my self in everything I could find. When we got to the harbour again, some my friends have to lift me out of the boat. 

In addition to what I already told you it was very good lunches and dinners. Something I got hooked on the menu was a springbok. A really nice deer with half meter long sharp horns resembling clone on an earwig. Will running buck cornered, he just turns his head and laces his opponent. There will be an African kebab skewer. 

To be honest, it was a nightclub visit in Cape Town.

Africa is a powerful and wild country, and Cape Town is a very odd city. 

I will try to take me there again. There is so much more to see and experience.

I would like to thank everybody who supported me through the trip. My legs will not let me do this again.
To be continued...


Today at the Rehab

Well, stop dreaming, back to Poland and rehab. Today as always, the schedule was full. This morning Dagmara was back on duty. Then I know, vacation is over. All exercises are documented on film the last days.

We was starting with Redcord and the gym. Then down to the pool for water aerobics. Short break and lunch, then change clothes for horse riding.

The session in the stable went OK today. I was in good shape, but the horse wanted to have a day off. She was listen to me, but as soon as Renata moved, the horse followed her instead of mine commands. Renata told me to increase speed, and I tried. Nothing happened. She just stand still and looked at Renata. Then Renata started to run, and so did Gwiazda, the horse.

Thanks god, there is no pictures from that. Gwiazda started to trot, and I was all the time meeting her half way. Now I understand what it means to get it from behind...

Item 2, Rehab planning
Now I get the whole picture how the training was planned. The first day at the Rehab, was used for testing and measuring my ability's and disability's. From the test results the training program was made. I also got a twenty pages report showing with 3D pictures and describing in words what is not working. I understand why I have no pain in my arms and chest. Those parts are function as the should. No energy has been waisted on them. Just legs and cord. That has been very effective.

Every exercise I do aims to strength my cord muscles. I had almost lost the feeling for the when I got here. Now I can move indoor without crutch or cane.

Just three days left. ;(    


  1. I wish you get better very soon!! good luck!!!

  2. Man ser ju verkligen att det är du på den datorgjorda bilden av din rygg. Har du någon plan för när du kommer hem sen då? Puss

  3. Tack Line!
    Jag åker hem på söndag.