Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ninth day ...

Replacement of medicine ...
The first time after diagnosis was all about finding a strategy how to deal with this week's syringe and its side effects. Although the disease had made itself more and more felt in autumn 2007. Life I worked tolerable in everyday life.

The first thing that became clear to me when I put on anti-retroviral drugs was to go over to the side effects, I have to stop treatment. It is obvious that the safety profile of the preparation I received looks different for different patients. The explanation was completely egal for me then. I was easily able to change 10 years of my life to avoid having to live with the side effects.

In April 2008, I ordered an appointment with my neurologist. I took the injections I had left in the fridge at home and went to the hospital. I explained the situation to him that the contents of the syringes I had left never will end up in my body. 

The doctor knew very well what I meant and imposed a new preparation. Although the syringe should be taken daily, adverse events were not worse than eating a mint.

 After 14 weeks of substantial regression of my general condition, started the downward trend to plateau. I can not say that I recovered myself completely since then. The good fitness and strength I had when I first put the syringe into the bone, I have never been around afterwards.

After the episode with getting diagnosis and start treatment, it took several months before I could really think clearly again.
To be continued...  


Morning workout...

The body must work hard. In the film we train shaft negatively. It looks worse than it is in reality. I'm pretty strong and Dagmara is not so heavy. This week we have increased the workout a little. It feels good when the body responds to exercise. I could not have done this alone. Absolutely not. The first days were subjected to a test that analyzed how my body moves when I walk. It is taken only on the outside, but also the movements of the spine. Yesterday I received the results.  

DIERS 4D test result
The first thing I notice in the picture is that I am a little fat. Well, it can be removed in Photoshop. The next problem is not as simple to fix. My spine is pointing in all different angles, in addition to the proper angle when I walk. I did not understand how important the first tests before I got to see the translated file.

The program
Now the whole treatment based on getting the right muscle groups to work as intended. Only now I understand how the various elements are woven together. Train strength, with focus on the muscles that have taken vacation. Work posture and balance. Redcord to access the small muscles of the back and stomach. Water gymnastics to train movement. Acupuncture to trigger the nervous system. Horse riding to bring balance and motor skills to interact.

Now it is time to round up the day and go to bed.