Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 20 - Saturday again

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...winter 2010 
My second rehab lasted in the winter 2010. Although this second one was at Rehab Station Stockholm. It was a continuation of the first one I was at 2008. It was relatively easy to get into the group, then the same staff were working there. My fellow patients all were at stage 1 course before. The program was the single character with group exercises. The focus was on joint activities, many discussion groups and not so much on physical training. 

I can strengthen my criticism of daily rehab, three half days a week for 10 weeks. Should I also get work, family and rehab to work, the energy does not last at the end. After this rehab, I decided never to go on day-rehab again. Not that therapy or exercise in any way were bad, but because my time and energy used inefficiently. Too much time was consumed to switch myself for different activities in different places. 

Time Thieves 
-10 minutes to prepare departures 
-30 minutes, journey 
-10 minutes, variety and startup 
-10 minutes, changing into work clothes 

This is the pure time spent, what can not be quantified in time, the energy expended unnecessarily. In the end I ate Modiodal every day to cope with everything that should be done. The surroundings do not understand about MS fatigue. The answer is often, yes, yes, I'm tired too. You can not always get them to understand. I experienced several comments, now that you're in rehab again, have you've gotten better? The answer was both yes and no. I was tired and under pressure from the tough schedule, but I've gotten a little stronger and wiser. 

I was down on the chef's World Cup, the Bocuse d'Or in Lyon, France this winter. We were a group of restaurateurs who went there to see the competition. It was a tough journey with much walking. The Nordic countries took all the medals. The atmosphere was at its peak. 

Abbaye of Collonges 
One of the highlights of the trip was the gala dinner at Paul Bocuses, banquet hall at the Abbaye of Collonges. It was good food with good wine, but it was not that impressed me. It was the room that made it, with a huge mechanical orchestra. Grand Fairground Organ, with more than 1,000 mechanical instruments. An absolutely huge creature, with very good sound. 

If I was invited again, I could not participate. My legs no longer obey me. I would stumble upon Lyons cobbled stoned streets. 

Rest, I got it late at night, when the teams ended up at a nightclub for a late party. Sweden, Norway and Denmark competed there too. Which country managed to order the most bottles of Champagne. I ended up in a comfortable armchair. There I sat, and mice with a Gin Tonic during the night. 

Sometimes life is fair.
To be continued...


Today at the Rehab
A Saturday night like this, it is time for a drink. The bar here is well stocked, but everything expect for water and green tea is forbidden. 

The other guests here at the hotel are drinking beer and gin tonics. Life is unfair.

Anyway, with the bigger portions of food, training is more effective. Today I spent more than three hours in the gym. That is not counting time in water and Redcord.

Robert and Agata
Service minded
Every time I pass the reception I get a big smile. No matter who is standing there.  Whatever I ask for, it´t never a problem.

My legs are a little stronger, but sometimes after training the instructions from my brain will not find the way. It looks that I am drunk.

Now I am going to order a glass of wine. Pronto. 
(I know that Dagmara will kill me tomorrow - but I don´t care)


  1. Hej!
    Det är härligt att föllja din resa!

  2. A glass of wine?! You may not get off track now, just because I'm not there and can keep an eye on you! ;)

    1. When the cat's away, the rats are dancing on the table. :)