Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 10 - under 80kg

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 ...Back at work 2008 

Until April 2008 I was basically sick all the time. In May began life to return. I had a trip planned to Chicago for a long time. The trip I had cancelled during the winter. I was simply in to bad shape. With the new medicine started life to return gradually. I changed my mind and went. I had to apply for travel authorization by the Social Insurance Agency, which were shipped with express speed. The trip was a business trip to the NRA Show. One of the world's largest Hotel and Restaurant exhibitions. The exhibition hall is gigantic great. It ranges between three metro stations. I told my travel companion that I must go myself and at my own pace. I did not have the capacity to go and chat and wait when someone else wanted to stop and watch something else. 

When I got back to the hotel I was dead tired and fell asleep on the bed with my clothes on. Then I realized that it was time for big changes. This type of arrangement, I can not go on any more. 

When I got home from Chicago, I began to take care of my time. I made a schedule for the whole day including rest and time with family. Very sad. I also explained in more detail for my colleagues what had happened. Although that, the work load did not reduce fast enough. There were a number of hard discussions before everything began to fold. I must say that most of my colleagues was both helpful and understanding. 

With an activity going 24-7 there is no such thing Monday at 09:00. Operations in progress continue. If something happens, I have to be available. Believe me, in my business stuff happened all the time. All is not boring or tedious. 
Practical Joke
I have always been fond of practical-jokes. I had some time left, and went to a wholesaler and bought gum balls. The same as in bubble gum machines for children. My companion was childishly fond of these chewing gums. 

One morning he called me and asked if I were at the office, and I were. Wait for me ten minutes. I must have gums he said. He comes rushing in a moment later, and put a handful gums in his mouth and one other in his pocket.
Okay, this might be a good trick. On one of our restaurants, we had glass cylinders over the candles at the tables. I went and picked up one of those, and filled it with gum balls, just so high that he did not reach the gum balls by hand. The cylinder was placed on his conference table. This was in the summer, so his windows were open. 

Just as I had left his room, I meet him at the stairs. I hurry out of the office. When I am outside his window, I hear a rattling of 1500 gum balls rolling around in his office, accompanied by a scream. 


Then I arrived to my car and go from there smiling. The one who was most angry, was his secretary who had to clean up his office floor from the gum balls.  

The thing is, he dusted off the balls and ate them. 

To be continued... 


Today at the Rehab

This morning I did my training for myself. There was little good to focus and try to do the exercises yourself. Day 8, the day before yesterday, I jumped over the only medicine I take, Fampyra. I've eaten it every day for a year, and it improves my walking speed significantly. The difference was so big that my PT, Dagmara, asked if we had trained too hard, and that maybe I should rest for a day. I did not tell her what I did yesterday. Today it feels better again. Now I'm up in dose.

Hot & Cold
Now I have beet testing different methods to increase my legs endurance. I used to react negatively on heat. If I did cool down my body start work again.

Now it's the opposite. I took a cold shower after the sauna, then jumped into the pool. Dream about my surprise when the legs where completely stiff and unmanageable. I could not swim, and barely carry my workout in the water. The pool water is still 28 degrees.

The day after I dipped into my legs in the Jacuzzi 5 minutes before the pool session. Then I dove into the water and swam six lengths with good speed. I have repeated this every day sins I learned. Today I swam 17 meters below the waters without diving. It can not be done if the legs do not work.

With that, let me say, we who have MS, do not believe that our symptoms are similar over time. Experiment with new strategies.

Marek Zawirski
I was examined by Prof. Assoc. Marek MD Zawirski on registration here, and I will ask him about Fampyra at the next consultation. My hope is, of course, be able to remove all medications completely.  

Now I have cleared the body for ten days with really healthy food here. I left home ten days ago, I weighed 82.2 kg without clothes. This morning, I stood on the scale with clothes. It stayed at 79.8 kg. I am fond of mathematics. The clothes weighs about 600 grams.

(82.2 - (79.8 - 0.6) = 3kg, 3kg /10das = 0.3 kg/day 

0.3 kg x 25 days = 7.5 kg.

We will see if I can coop...

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