Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 23 - Balance

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... April 2011, part 1
Artic cat 660 Turbo
Last year I had bought a snowmobile. I had not driven it many yards without passengers.  

In Sweden it is allowed to go off-road, crossing bridges and that the terrain is not feasible to go a short white on public roads. My general condition had become worse. I barely had the energy in the body to unload it from the trailer. 

An old friend had returned to Sweden after service abroad for many years. He still retains his cabin in the mountains. He called and asked if we could take a ride in the mountains. I told her about my difficulties, and he said, no problem, I will help you. 

We go up on a Friday afternoon. The journey takes six hours with trailer. We had two snowmobiles on the trailer. It was fortunate that I had ticked the license for heavy trailer on my to do list. 

Trailer licence
Driving test for driving license I did in the autumn. The requirement for the license is heavy vehicles over 3.5ton and heavy trailer. Driving in traffic was no problem, it was in itself not back exercise either. What created the problem was the tone of the left leg. I could not hold the draw with the clutch. The leg just shook. The inspector did not sit in the vehicle. I solved the problem with the left elbow. I kept the foot on the pedal and used the body weight on the left knee. 

Reindeer in the mountains
The Saturday morning we went up and get dressed. We put on all the clothes we had with us. It was -20C outside and the wind was blowing. 

Three guys on snowmobiles, of course, contest was unavoidable. It was at times up to 160km/h, then you have to be 110% sharp. One small mistake and you are off, or crash. 

I got the fish
We stayed at a lake to rest. There we drilled a hole in the ice. We took out the fishing rods and start fishing. We got some trout. Good food. 

When we got back to the cabin at night we had gone 250km in the mountains. I was so tired that you can not describe. When I must drive my snowmobile around the cottage, I stuck in a snowdrift and overturned. My leg trapped under the scooter, it did not work at all. The boys dig up me and salvage snowmobile. They help me into the house and take my clothes off and put me on the couch. 

I sit there in the sofa, with a glass of whiskey in front of the fire and add up the day. This was the last ride on the mountain. Now the body can´t any more. When I get hungry again, I will remember this trip. It has been a great day. 

When I am at home again on Monday, I got contact with AMEDS. In a few hours, everything was clear. The 25/4 I'd go. There was only one thing to do before Poland. 

To be continued...


Today at the Rehab

Polish spring...
Yesterday I was talking about negative things. I have been thinking on something else to complain about. The only thing I can find out about, is the weather. Today we had another 15 centimetres. If I would file a complain about that, I have to go to the church.

The schedule was as always full. The timing is good, so there are time between for rest. 

Good things
Over all I had the best of service, from everyone here at AMEDS Rehabilitation program in Lask. The center witch are housing us are Columna Medica. All contacts, from the professor to the girls cleaning my room are as good they can be. I lift my hat.

Item 1, Food & Diet
What I was not expecting was the focus that the diet had. I am now completely detoxified from sugar, gluten and bad carbs. At the same time, I have learned a lot about how I will manage my diet.  

Restaurant Caina

The kitchen here has done a fantastic job, and they manage to get everything to taste very good.  

I myself am a restaurateur, so my expectations of food is very high. I thought in my simplicity that low carb diet would be dull over time. It's not if you put a little love in the preparation. 

I am not taking any MS drugs, because the stem cell treatment. Then it is even more important to be aware of what you are putting in your mouth. If I got any new relapses now, I may have to start over with the drugs. 

Then the stem cells are gone...   


  1. Hi, brave man! I could not download March 22. Did you post it?
    Your blog is great,I really missed it yesterday!
    Love Inger.

    1. Day 22 was the 18th of march.
      Tcke care