Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 30-31 : 2-3 - Full speed ahead, finding food

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I will continue with my history during the weekend. The time has not been enough this week.

I will tell about the time after CCSVI next. 
To be continued..


The days are flying...
Now I am back at work again. I am feeling good after the rehab in Poland. I have used a lot of time to get food according to my new diet.

It is not only carb to take into account. It should also be gluten, lactose and basically meatless. As spice to everything, it must be anti-inflammatory and organic.

I am looking to take my gun and go into the woods and hunt any wild animal. Finding ingredients to the diet is not easy. I've been in five stores and found some here and there. When everything is collected the cooking starts, and planning for next meal.

Yesterday menu
07:00 Breakfast, Tomato soup with wild rice
10:00 Snack, Green Apple
12:00 Lunch, Salomon with Carrot, Zucchini and Asparagus
16:00 Snack, Carrot Ginger and Celery Juice
19:00 Dinner, Black Quinoa with Feta and Kalamati Olives 

All meals with Green Tea and Flaxseed Oil. To all meals, a handful vitamins. 

Despite all efforts to find the right ingredients, I feel very good on the diet. With planning, it's probably not that difficult over time. I have definitely changed my eating habits for good. It may sound simple, but I probably would not have able to do all this on my own.

Diet has made ​​a big difference in my life. Thanks Ma ... I mean Olga for the support!

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