Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 25 - Final tests

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St. Anne's Church, Warsaw

When I came home from Africa began planning my trip to Poland. I had tickets booked to the 25/4-2011. I had a long flight to and from Africa in recent memory. It was a long distance between the gates at the airports. I practised a tactic to find a shopping cart in the Duty Free shop and have it as a walker. Even so, I spent all my energy trying to make it in time to the gates. The walks did indeed I slept well on the plane when I got on board. 

It was with great anticipation that I and my wife went to Warsaw that morning. My expectation of the surgery was sober. My condition could not very be worse if I were described for surgery. 

When we arrive to Warsaw, we were pick by ambulance at the airport. I was both frightened and impressed. We was driven to a hotel inside the Warsaw to rest overnight. We took a taxi down to the city for dinner. We tried to walk a little in the old city, but after a few hundred meters, my legs say stop. Taxi again, back to the hotel. 

The next morning we picked up at the hotel for transport to the hospital. It was with some scepticism I went into the ward. Premises felt a bit 60's, with the dreary and cold colors. Once inside the clinic, I was greeted by the warmth. I was shown into a private room. The staff comes with coffee and explains what will happen. 

There were many studies and tests. Everything from blood tests to ultrasound and MRI. My knowledge of Polish was non-existent, but I knew something was wrong when I did the ultrasound examination. The doctor rattled off a long time and well here she looked at the right side. The left side was almost entirely without comment. 

It was not until late on Wednesday I was told. Cardiologist Piotr Pavluczuk come into my room to report the result of the investigations they have made. He says that the jugular vein on the right side was completely blocked, but there was a very small flow when I lay on my back. All other values ​​were okay. 

You are qualified for surgery! We do the surgery at 19:00 this evening. 

The afternoon was devoted to preparing for surgery, shaving, drip, and some little red pill that would soothe the psyche a bit. Just before the surgery, I am moved to a roll. The journey through the long corridors to the basement and I end up in a state of the art operating room with equipment and monitors everywhere. 

Right as it was, I heard loud music. Queen. Piotr had started the stereo at high volume, and comes up to me in his lead clothing and asks if I'm ready. 

I answer - HELL YES
To be continued...


Today at the Rehab

Find the right ticket... Ass-hole!...
I can feel this period is nearing the end. It is not that I am lacking anything here, but I miss my family.

Today we have continued to document all exersises on video. Dagmara has documented and commented every move.

We also did the walking test again, and compared it with the previous one when I checked in. The result was acceptable, my spine has not been corrected much, but I use the left leg in a better manner. That is why I don´t need my crutch indoor now. 

For me that is a big victory. I will continue with the exercises when I get back home.

Today I could provide Dagmara with some new input. To help the left leg we used some rubber bands to help lift up the foot and leg when walking. I did a similar test at Frykcenter in Torsby Sweden, but tomorrow we will take it a little bit longer.

Today ended with a good back massage and then the needles. I would have provided some pictures last week, but they got lost. 

I am happy we were starting with the massage... :) 


  1. Hej!
    Det är härligt att höra att du känner dig bätre!
    Då finns det hopp!

    1. Tack Sven, denna träning har gjort stor skillnad.