Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 26 - Liberation

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CCSVI Liberation 
It was a little uncomfortable when Piotr punctured vein in the groin. A moment later, I thought of the text of Eva Dahlgren's song. "It lives somewhere else in my body"... It was a strange feeling when Piotr drove the probe up through the body, with the accompaniment of Queen, "We Will Rock You". It was rock-n-roll for real. 

It was very interesting to see on the monitor is exactly what happened in the body. He showed and told all the time what he found, and how he corrected the stenos-is. After the last enlargement, I felt that my feet were getting warm again. 

The procedure was completed in less than an hour. When I came up to the room again, my wife ordered pizza. Last meal has been breakfast. I was hungry as a galley slave. I had to lie still on my back for 12 hours. I was certainly not supposed to get me up or tighten my stomach. My wife fed me pizza, the Coca Cola I drank with a straw. After my feast, she went back to the hotel. 

I wake up after a few hours and was pee for real. I waited a while, maybe the nurse would come in and look at me. The alarm button had dropped on the floor, so I had no use of it. I could scream, but at 2 o'clock at night, it would bring the entire department to a standing position. 

The nurse comes in at 3 o'clock. I told her, I have to pee NOW! She smiled and shoved the pelvic bottle at the shelf on the bedside table. Completely within my reach. I fill the bottle to the brim, empties out a bit in my coffee mug and a little to the empty glass on the bedside table. Then pee a little longer. It was liberation for real. After that I fall asleep until morning rounds came and woke me up.

The bandage was removed and replaced with a small swab. I was still not aloud to get up before the doctor looked at the wound. She arrived a moment later and gave me the green light to gently go up and take a shower.

I felt good, and could feel that the body response was a little better. Obviously I want to test my ability. I walked slowly back and forth in the hallway. It went much better than yesterday. To increase the difficulty level a bit, I went out into the stairwell. I went up two floors. No problem.  

On the way down I met Piotr in the stairs. He looked very sternly at me and shakes his head.


To be continued...


Today at the Rehab

I will always try to do everything a little better. In particular if I can do a exercise good, I will try to make it a little harder. All the machines in the gym has a build-in computer. When you enter the machine you put a small USB key in the machine.

This morning Dagmara took my stick. I did not use it yesterday, and she asked me why. I told her the weights and the count was lady-wise. She re-programmed it and gave it back to me with the words, Dennis now you can do the machines.

I took the stick and putted it in the pull down machine. The display told me to put on 25kg and do 15 repetitions

Good now we´re talking. I used to do 10 at 20kg. The machine then told me to take 1 minute break. I passed the message after 10 seconds. Next set 30kg and 15 repetitions. Puh, that was heavy. Next machine... No... I was not finished, Rest for one minute. I used the full minute. The third set 35kg and 15 repetitions. Well I can handle the weight but 15...

Next it was my turn to make fun of my self. I ordered 5 meters of red rubber-band from the shop. Then I put the rubber-band under my feet and tied it around my leg.  

The aim was serious, I would help my left leg to release some weight from it. 

Everybody did laugh at me, but it worked. I was just looking for the feeling that the left leg will follow the right. It succeed.

We did an extra walking test today to verify the results from yesterday. MS is a strange decease, not two days are equal. Today result were better than yesterday. I can feel the difference between the days, but it is hard to explain to others.

Now I have it on paper.  

Item 3, Quality
What ever you look at, put in your mouth or take in your hand is very well done. It is 100% quality, no compromises. For example, the training pool is seventeen meters long made in stainless steel without joints. Impressing. The indoor climate is good and comfortable. The WiFi is covering every square inch of the building with good speed. There is soft music in all common surfaces with good sound quality. My guess, it is as good as any Design Hotel in the world.

Now it is time for me to go back to my room. 

Tomorrow is the last full day.


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