Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 11 - At Rehab

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 ...the autumn of 2008
 It was absolutely the hardest time of my life. Not that I wanted to put my down and die, but because I had no power or energy left. I was short with everyone. I began to scream and yell at both my wife and my children. I had become a real ass-hole. I had had some severe relapse time after diagnosis, so my condition had deteriorated further. Still, I was absolutely determined to be able to keep the usual balls in the air daily. Failed. 

I sat down and looked through my schedule even harder. There, I decided to rest four hours every day. I just booked one meeting a business day, where we conducted the meeting in my office. I tried to keep either Saturday or Sunday without activities. The information I was able to delegate, I did.  

The work actually took several months to accomplish. One of the measures in the plan was to travel a lot. I also decided to take hunting license while I could stand on my legs. I have a piece of land up in Värmland. Where there are both bears and wolves. I need to protect my family. :)After a long discussion, we went to Thailand entire family. I was sceptical because of my heat intolerance. My wife chose carefully hotel with AC and good pool facility. 

The trip down went well and the hotel facilities suited me perfectly. The hotel also had a massage area away from all the kids pool. We swim, snorkel in the ocean and eat well in the evenings. I can sneak away and rest for a while when I want. Holiday for real. 

But the family wanted a road(water) tour. They wanted us to go on a long tail boat to Chicken Island. I said, maybe it is not a good idea. They get a little hot for me with 4 hours in the boat, with the sun shining. Please Daddy ... Okay, if we do it my way, I said. I rented a boat for a day, with the captain. It did not cost many Bath. I told the captain that I had to immerse myself every hour to lower the body temperature. It was 35 degrees and sunny outside. But only around 30 degrees in the water.

I made a sign, captain stopped and I jumped the water for a while. This was repeated a couple of times on the way out. When we arrived, I took on my mask fins and snorkel. It is a very beautiful reef there and millions of fish. It's like swimming in a well-stocked aquarium.

When I had snorkelled for about 30 minutes, I got the feeling that something is not right. All the fish I can see the stop and turn their heads towards me. In a fraction of a second, puts all of them full speed towards me. With open mouth. My thought was that, Johansson now you will fish food. I had no opportunity to swim and escape from the fish. It was certainly not far from the boat, but thy were to many. This would be a very uneven battle. 

I'll get up to the surface as soon as I can climb on the fish. I could not see anything, it was like I stopped the head down in a fish box at the market. When I come to the surface, I see that fucking toothless captain to stand and laugh. His hands were full of bread that he threw where I swam. I can tell you that he also had a swam. I threw him in the lake when I got up on the boat again.
To be continued... 


Today at the Rehab

It's been a long day today. This morning I got a film crew that would follow workout. It's been good, but when they started, I had already been an hour in the gym. It was just to start over again ... I think I will get a little sore tomorrow.

The best thing about the day was that I managed to get two lunches. I went down to the dining room promptly at 13:00, and ate quickly. When I come up to the room to rest, I get called down for lunch pictures. I can not sit and eat without food - so I got another serving. That is what i call planning. 

The next item on the agenda was horseback riding. I have not sat on a horse in 35 years. It is the workout I will get the most sore of so far. It was a nice mare. We got along well, except that she neighed every time we walked past the door of the arena. Teasingly. I managed to sit still for 30 minutes, but then when I had to jump off the horse my legs were shaking. Very good balance training, and quite enjoyable. I felt like Zeb Macahan.

It was a bit short of time after riding. It was to change into swimwear soon to jump in the pool. There, we ran the regular session. After that it was time for acupuncture. It's a brain surgeon performing the treatment. Last week, asked if I had any MRI images. I had brought with me pictures. I took the disc to him. While I was with needles in the back he looked at the pictures. He made a very interesting observation on those. I will not tell you this, but I will take it up with my neurologist when I get home again. 

No, I will close the store and jump into bed.

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