Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 29:1 - Back at home

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The journey home after CCSVI

Last day did AMEDS a control of my condition at the hotel. Nothing strange. Green card. You can go home again. :)

The flight was booked at 19:00. We had plenty of time to see Warsaw on the last day. I felt very good and did run around. We took a walk down to the city, and walked around shopping malls. I enjoyed the walk, and I enjoyed the malls... and the people around me. It was a new feeling to walk without having to worry about over a pedestrian crossing before it was red. I did not have any big walking problems now. After lunch, we booked a tour by bus. The fact was, it was the park tour we had booked. There was no bus run in the park, only to the park.

Walk in the park were almost 2 kilometres. It would not have been possible three days earlier. I can not say it was easy, but it went. When we got back to the hotel in the afternoon, we ate a late lunch at the hotel and packed our things. 

I had not slept more than 6 hours at night, and had no need to rest in the afternoon. Absolutely incredible.

When we checked in at the airport and we went to the gate. The flight was cancelled. After walking to two different gates and three hours of waiting, we finally got on a plane to Stockholm.

The whole set-up around the operation was exemplary. Good information, a moderately busy schedule and time was very well spent. All transportation was included, the only thing I had to keep control of self was the clock.

And my watch, it has been synchronized by a Swiss watchmaker.

To be continued..

Ameds homepage for CCSVI

Today at home

It was good to come home again after four weeks at rehab. Not that anything was wrong in Poland, absolutely not, it is just good to be at home and meet my family.

The big issue was to set my new menu at home. We did not have the ingredients needed for non-inflammatory LCHF diet in stock. We went shopping. Now we have stocked ingredients so I don´t have to starve, or eat forbidden products. Yesterdays dinner did contain black thai rice and goat cheese with a lot of flaxseed oil on top.

Back at work it was many tasks at attend to. The first working day went quickly. I feel strong after the rehab. I gained very much energy in Poland.

Full agenda tomorrow, time to go to bed. 

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