Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 12 - At Rehab

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...The end of 2008
Life is slowly returning after all. The trip to Thailand was good break for all of us in the family. A lot of time had been spent to get in synch with the treatment. I probably worked too much from the beginning, the stamina was not enough. Then the expert says - You have to listen to yourself and your body. I did, but I wanted to find the limit of what I could and could not. When I found it, I pulled back a little. Then I found a good balance between activity and rest. It was an absolute necessity for me to make life work. 

Yearly plan
I do not want to sit here and list everything that had deteriorated over the past year, because it does not make anyone happy. Least of all myself. However, I rather prefer looking for opportunities. Opportunities to work through others. Using your head instead of your feet. What can I do now, that I had never done without MS. 

When I did my inventory, I came to many activities that I had undone but soon would be impossible to implement. The activity could not be too demanding. I also arranged the list according to how my body most likely would function in five to ten years. 

shooting range
The first activity was the most physically demanding. I had booked an intensive course on a farm north of Stockholm. I had purchased the course material, probably 1500 pages of all the animals, how many children they have, here they can be hunted, etc. There was also to read about all hunting weapons, ammunition, and not least the law on hunting and guns. 

When I was called first day, I was well prepared. Theory was with practice. The last day was the launching both to birds and small game, as well as the large animals. Although I had trouble with the left hand, I managed to shoot full marks in all tests. The day ended with duck hunting. I shot my first two animals. It was with mixed feelings. I was not hungry, and the beautiful ducks had certainly not done anything. I will probably be no pleasure hunter. I enjoy more of being in nature and observing. 

Filippa liked the birds!
On the way home after course my wife called. She asks what I want for dinner. I answered calmly, I'll get the food. When I get a moment later comes home, I'll take the two ducks and put those on the kitchen counter and shout at my wife. Now you can cook! 

She just screams,


Shortly after the "hunting season" I started my first rehab in Sweden, at Rehab Station Stockholm.
To be continued...  

Today at the Rehab

Ada i serving me lunch
I think my body have found the balance between, food - work - rest. I have been eating a little bigger portions, add on some extra grape fruit in the morning. And there it was. The balance. I have not touched any FORBIDDEN objects. Not at all. I can´t say that I did not think...

I had to admit, I am a little soared after the horse-riding yesterday. I knew Dagmara will not take that in to consideration in today's training session. :) Today she added some new exercises, for example cross-training. Now I start to understand how she build the training. It all started nearly two weeks ago with evaluation from every aspect. I wrote about the evaluation the first day. 

When I left Sweden two weeks ago - the wheelchair was waiting for me. But I will not give-up. Never.

The last couple days, my crutch is standing in my room. I have no use of it. I can walk indoors without. 

We had a good session with Redcord as well as a water-bed massage. This was the first time for me in the water-bed. It was really restful. I felt asleep instantly.

It is Saturday tomorrow and the training will continue as usual. I will spend 28 days here. Training-days

Time to wrap-up this Friday.

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