Monday, March 25, 2013

Day 28 Poland - Day 28 Sweden

I will continue with my history in a couple days. I have a lot to do at home after 28 days in Poland.

Back to Stockholm
The trip back to Stockholm went just fine. Poland was very cold in the morning. About -20C. 

I went up early in the morning to pack my things. After that a quick breakfast and up to the gym. 

My schedule says, training 08.30 - 10:00 in the gym, massage 10:00-10:20. 

When I was sitting on the warm-up, Tomasz come up to me and asked what I was doing? Warming up I sad. No he said, you should be downstairs now. Maceij is waiting for you. 


I went downstairs and he was waiting for me. No training today, just massage. :)

When I'm heading out with my belongings to the car Agata come to me to say goodbye. Agata is the head of the clinic.  

I handed solemnly my crutch to her with the words, this I do not need any more.  

It felt nice to leave it behind. The crutch has given me back pain and sabotaged my walk.

The Journey
I was a little tied after the long walk at the airport. Of cause my aircraft was standing at gate 44. Gate 44 is the last one at the airport. Before my walk to the gate I was shopping in at the tax-free. No illegal stuff, just shampoo and some gifts.

If I walk slowly and rest after a wile, I can walk much better. The training has been outstanding. I was not able to do that walk one month ago. No way! However, it may sound like I am cured. That´s wrong, I am not. I have been stronger, but after the walk I had to sit down and rest for 30 minutes. I have learnt my limits better, and the training has made me stronger. 

At The airport my wife picked me up. We went home and she had fix a good snack. Carrots and beans with green tea...

Joking, Pata Negra and Amarone!!!

It is good to be home again. 

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  1. Hi,
    Happy to see that you are back with your blog!

    Wonderful that you have regained better muscle strenghth.
    I am following your story, and it has become the highlight of my day. You are so brave.