Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 16 - Cognition

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Life began to stabilize. The distribution work - rest - leisure found a balance. I was generally quite tired and slept a lot. I was confused in the head and forgot simple things easily. I was extremely easily disturbed in the thought. I could not do two things at once. 

Now for example, I'm sitting in my room at the rehabilitation center and writes. The TV is on, my wife is here on a visit, and she sits and tries to open a plastic package, roots with bags, while we're talking - and I am writing. It did not work the 2009th.

It sometimes helps to write about what happened. Often, I focus only on things that do not work, and forget the progress that I actually did. The breaking point for the cognitive problems came after CCSVI in April 2011. 

I was in the autumn invited to lecture on cognition at a seminar organized by Sanofi Aventis. The seminar was held at the Sky City at the airport. I was well aware of my cognitive problems and took very good time for me that day. It is about 40 minutes drive from my home to the airport. 

For some reason I turned off at Infra City, located just before the airport. Infra City is also a large conference facility. I was absolutely convinced that I was in the right place in time. I went into the reception and asked where medical conference set. Good, Hall 1. I snick into the hall and sat on the edge.  

There sat about 300 people, and the presenter was deep in a lecture on cervical cancer in young girls. The issue was whether the young girls be vaccinated against it. I sat and listened for a moment when it dawned on me, what does this have to do with MS. I started looking for my contact person in the audience, but I did not see her. Well, I was not supposed to be on the scene until about an hour. It was certainly more topics were on the agenda...

After another 15 minutes, I had an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach. Not that the lecture was boring, it was very interesting. I got a good insight for the upcoming vaccination of young girls. Some of the audience had walked past me with their phones flashing, next person came, I looked at the name tag. It was a midwife, next, a paediatrician. Something is very wrong. No children have MS. 

Although I snuck out with my car phone. I called my contact and asked, where the hell are you? Then I clear to me that I was in the wrong place. I jump in the car, and drove very quickly the 10 km missing. I was at the right place 5 minutes before my speech. 

At last
I had a very good opening statement that I had not prepared for, about the consequences that cognitive impairment may have.

I remember getting a question from the audience - about consequences of speeding...

To be continued...  


Today at the Rehab

Today I have been doing all exercises except for acupuncture. I have my wife on visit now. She was very hungry this morning, when Ada present todays meny. She asked me, what am I going to eat?

Well I sad, you got the today meny in your hand... She looked at me for a few moments again and said, OK, you want to kill your wife.

Now ten hours later, she is still smiling.

Horse riding today went really well. The horse tried to throw me off, but it did not succeed. I will feel the training of muscles I did not know I had, for several days to come. I can feel the benefit of horse riding when suffering of MS. 

Number one, it is good training for coordination, two, it improve balance, and three, it force you body to act from other signals. In a way, I don´t have to think how to sit, my body does it from the signals from the horse.

Cord muscles
Dagmara tie me up
Most of the exercise I get this aims to strengthen back and cord muscles. I can feel that coordination and balance works better now.  

One of the best tools is Redcord. I spend many sessions in the ropes.

Together with water aerobics training it is starting to get result. I don´t need the crutch all the time, and maybe I can find strategy not to fall back to the crutch after this period.

Now is´t time to sleep...zzz...     


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