Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 22 - Muscle Soreness

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...march 2011
I used a lot of energy to get through the various meetings during the winter. Clothing, crutches and portfolio. Half the energy was spent shovelling the car out of the snow and take me to different places. I slept probably 10 hours a night, and two hours in the afternoon. I do not know how I had time to suffice, but it went in some how.  

I started thinking about how my situation would be resolved. I started searching on CCSVI treatments, and found a handful of clinics around the world who performed the surgery. I decision was not made then, it had to wait until I got home from my next trip. 

My previous plan, to travel as much as possible while I can still walk, was not flagged. One of the trips went to Thailand. Father in law has a back injury, so he spends like the cold season there. It suited me perfectly.  I found it hard to take me up on the snow and ice on the one hand. On the other hand, I also had problems with the heat.
The evening before my departure, my wife fell ill suddenly. In the middle of the night we went to the hospital. She had almost 40 degree fever. I decided to cancel the trip. I could not leave her at home with three kids and be really sick. Almost at the same moment, the doctor in with sample answers and some tablets. She got a really strong antibiotics. We went home and she went to sleep a few hours and woke up in the morning and was feeling much better. 

My flight would be leaving at 13:40, so there was still time to catch up with. Everything was packed in the bag. My wife says, you can go, I feel better and I know what the problem is. After the agony, I decided to go anyway. It did not feel right, but she knew I needed to get away from the cold. Thank you! 
The problem with the heat worked out the best way. On the day I could be in the pool or in my air-conditioned bedroom and rest. We went to Hua Hin for dinner every night. If two men are very few days, craps is not the kitchen unnecessarily. 

It was ten really lazy and lazy days. While I allowed myself massages almost daily. Then says the jealous, yes, yes, with happy ending. No, it was not so. It helped me a lot with the warm climate and massage. I became more mobile and got a little better contact with the legs. It is much easier to move around without a lot of clothes on. 

During the warm evenings / nights, I and my father in law sat on his porch, talking shit and drank whiskey.
To be continued...


Today at the Rehab

Me and Amir Katoozian
This morning my legs were a little bit achy after yesterdays Nordic walking. But that is good. This afternoon I had some time to think. Justyna from AMEDS asked me about the Rehab so fare. Well this is my 22nd day here. I can´t say that I am missing anything at all. Of cause, my family, but nothing else.

Item 1
The funny thing, people always come up with negative things. They are more easy to find, and others will listen with more attention. I try to think, yes, I found one. The first week here I woke up one night at 3am dreaming about food. The bed was soaked with sweat.

Three weeks ago I was addicted to sugar. My new diet don´t not contain any sugar at all. Today I am cured. The next AA meting at home, I can open with "I am a sugar addict..."

Item 2
I just come up with item two. I need go shopping when I got back home. My pants fall off. My check-in weight was 82.2kg, this morning 77.6kg.


After all it is not a complain, it is just corrections of my bad habits. Then it is easy to say, couldn´t you fixed that on you own, at home. Did you need to go to Poland to have that done? My quick answer will be, those two items are just side effects of the treatment here. And they both are good.

I see if I can find something else to complain to during my sleep. I let you know tomorrow.


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