Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 18 - Accupuncture

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...summer 2010
Keep awake
I found it increasingly difficult to take me outside my house. I went tolerable freely indoors but I dragged with the left foot. Carpet edges and thresholds began to trap me sometimes. Outside, I began increasingly to use crutches or Nordic walking sticks. Everything felt more important to get clear of the trips I wanted to do, while my feet obeyed tolerable. 

To keep me awake a bit more, I nibbled some times Modiodal. It is a waking-enhancing medication whose main side effect is that I could be awake little more in the day. Obviously there will be a bill at the end. The risk is that more energy than should be used that day is spent. You can not trump through too many days in a row, then it becomes a pain when your body tells you it want other ways. It is a good tool, but medicine can not replace good planning of the day. 

No Limit
As you may understand, I think it's fun to test the limits. During the summer, some good friends to our summer house. The couple that came up was more than loggerheads. They hardly not spoke with each other. The atmosphere was under pressure. We sat down after dinner and took a drink, and the mood lightened a bit. 

I picked up the poker box in the children's room, while I threw in me a Modiodal. With me out to the veranda I took a bottle of vodka and some Redbull. To my friend I mixed a steady drink in a beer glass. Now the game could begin. 

On the table is not cash, but the chips are purchased in cash by the bank. It did not go so well for my friend. After some drinks he was without cash. The rule is "no money - no honey". The Bank made an exception for foreign currency and lunch vouchers. When these were finished, he sent his wife to pick up her petty cash. She has a salon that she closed before they went from Stockholm. Soon, even the petty cash was gone. As gone as the Vodka bottle.  

I had a mountain of chips, thanks to Modiodal.
To be continued...
Today at the Rehab
I was a little tried after our trip to Warsaw yesterday.  Dagmara had her day off today, so I had to coop with Tomasz instead.  Good day, I did not hear about my chin in all day. :)
Before my wife left this morning we had a session in the gym. It was nice to have her here a couple days. And nice to prepare her for the new menu at home. She had the same diet as I for three days. That was just the beginning...
However, the last week I have not used any aid for walking. To be honest, I did not think that would be possible. Of cause, the Fampyra help me a lot, but I have been eating them for more than a year. My walking is better now than it was a year ago.

Perfect practice - makes perfect! 

Today's training in water improved to. The balance is better, it is easier to lift the legs. To wrap up the training, we finish up the training day with massage. Then there was only one topic left today.  
Acupuncture. I had 12 needles, no 13, he found one more unwrapping me. I will add the pictures tomorrow.

Time to zzz.... 

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