Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 33 : 5 - Eastern

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... May 2011, Brazil
In late May, me and my wife to Brazil for two weeks of vacation. I've been there several times before. This trip we booked before I went to Poland to undergo CCSVI.
At my previous trips had the disease made itself more increasingly. The concern was that this trip may be the last opportunity to make an adventure trip. The disease made it harder and harder for me. Furthermore, I did not tolerate the heat and was tired all the time. 

CCSVI changed conditions drastically. I could make my way back, and was not tired as before. That I could stand the heat and I found out when we were in Brazil.  

A day at work in 2006
At one of the previous trips in 2006, two years before the diagnosis, I and one of mine companions went there. We had bought land along the coast of Bahia. The ground was very inaccessible to the body from the place we stayed at. There is a good car road, but then the journey 250 km. The short shortcut was only 30 km.  

We rented two Cross bikes. They should take us around everywhere. We had to cross two rivers. The last piece we had to charter a boat to take us over from a peninsula to the next.  

The first river was not a problem. There was a ferry, or maybe it's exaggerating, a pontoon that caulk of two decommissioned fishing boats. But it worked. Buses, kids, witches and all others who wanted to could go with almost free. There was a road all the way Barra Grande. Road is perhaps a bit exaggerated. It had certainly not been possible to drive by car. The vehicles we met and drove to where jeeps or large trucks and buses.  

In some places where pits in essence three feets deep, the other was the road of quicksand. We went down a few times with our motorcycles. There was no real harm done, it was soft in the sand.  

After four hours we arrived at the port. We chartered a boat and went over to our land. There we were picked up by the supervisor on the beach with a Beach Buggy. The beach was shallow and the tide was out, so we had to wade into the lukewarm water 500 meters. The water was warmer and warmer the closer to the beach we came. The last fifty meters our feet were boiled. The water was probably over 50 degrees.
The journey back ran without trouble until we arrived at the ferry. It was broken. The river was 500 feet wide and deep. It would have been good to swim, but not with bikes. We found some guys with canoes. The problem was solved. Small but efficient ferries.  

It was a day of work, which perhaps was not quite like any other.
To be continued...


This morning we went to IKEA to shop some small items. We come home with the car full of boxes. The car started to sound strange. The noise came from the front end of the car. After a moment of listening wi found the source of the noise. It creaked behind the left front wheel. Jack and rim cross was picked up. We helped to remove the front wheel. Pretty soon it was found, this is not something we can fix. There is a case for the repair shop.

I put an end to all energy on playing car mechanic and run at IKEA. In the afternoon I slept dinner in two hours. It is the first time I rest in the afternoon after I got home from Poland last week.

I need to listen more to my body. I feel much better after the workout, but I am far from healthy.

Happy Easter. (without eggs and candy)

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