Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 12+1 - At Rehab

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... Winter 2008/09 

First time at Rehab
Shortly after the hunter exam I started my first MS rehab. It was a beginner's course on managing the disease. It lasted for ten weeks, with three half-days a week. It was a very good introduction to learning how to deal the disease. At the beginning of the diagnosis, I had a little more energy, and better condition than I have now. The form of rehabilitation were good. It was also good that it lasted for a long time. The patients in the group had come about as far as I in their respective disease developments. 

Much of the time was spent on organize the life's puzzle. I had actually started that work before, but got help to move it forward with new ideas and advice.  

One of the key ingredients was to make contact with other MS patients. 

Most of us had work. I soon realized that I was lucky. Not because of my MS, but because I was my own employer. I had more influence on my work situation than most others in the group. We had a good exchange of experiences. To this day we still get together a few times a year. It may be over dinner, or a snack at the café. 

During this period, I got a very strong flare. I got my first cortisone treatment. For three days, I ate 20 steroid tablets a day. I was terribly alert. I was awake more than 72 hours straight. It takes a few days to get in balance after the cut. 

I am a very peaceful person. Obviously, I can get angry and speak up. But I'm not cocky and nasty. I would not hurt anyone. Cortisone changed my balance in an exciting way. 

Strongerst in Stockholm
Last day to cure, I sat in the car to go to work. As always, the traffic jams when I go in the morning. I try to take the fastest lane, and I might change the lane slightly aggressive. The car behind me honks, and rightly so. But the horn sounds for five to ten seconds. Then I got really pissed. I stop my car on the highway. Adds the brakes and gets out of the car. I was going to beat the crap out of the fucking rock-head, not learned to deal with the horn in a proper manner. I come up to his car, and before I have time to rip up the car door, he locks it from the inside. 

It was a damn lucky for him. (and probably for me)

To be continued...
Today at the Rehab

Saturday - at last
Dagmara and me
Well, here at the Rehab it does not matter what day it is. The schedule is over 7 days, with no day off. In a way, that is good. The aim for me is training, not to go on sightseeing like a tourist. Said and done. 

Today we have focus on deep core muscles. I can feel I have used the muscles I have not use in a long time. They are very important in almost every move. The aim for me is to walk again as fluent as possible. The nearly two weeks here have make me walk much better. We are not finish yet, I have 14 days left.

I can´t stop talking about the diet. Today it was delivered vitamins and probiotics. Probiotics are a class of good bacteria or friendly bacteria that are inhabitants of the intestinal tract, which helps in digestion. I don´t understood it all, but the dietician made the recipe for me, and have it sent here. On a Saturday!

Good service
Right vitamins, proper diet, and bigger portions is a good start for my new life. I did sheet a little today. One red apple in the afternoon.

The best of it all, I don´t have to cook, clear the table or do the wash.

End of day! 

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