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Day 21 - Nordic Walking

... Winter 2010/11 Part II

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A few days before Christmas, I get a registered letter. I pick up the item at the post office. I had no idea what Stockholm county wanted to send to me. Out from the envelope dropping a blue plastic card out. A disabled parking permit. 

First thought, what fucking Christmas gift. I want to be able to walk again, nothing else. Could not I get that instead. Yes, I know - a lot wants more. The state made life much easier for me. I could not walk more than fifty yards unaided outdoors. Indoor went better. There I have walls to keep in.

The winter was snowy, and the Swedish Rally was back in Sweden after a brief move to Norway 2010th Swedish Rally was first run in 1950 as "The Midnight Sun Rally", then in a summer environment. The contest had this name until 1964. 1965 run rally for the first time as a winter rally and has been so ever since. From 1967 starts and ends rally in the same city, Karlstad. The airfield in Hagfors is service center and the actual midpoint in World Cup Rally. From 2010 the race starts again from Hagfors. 

In 1973, founded a World Championship for manufacturers which made the contest received an increased foreign interest. However KAK decided that year that the rally would run with studded tires, because they want to accelerate the development of non-studded snow tires. A studded rally tires today has approximately 400 studs with 5-6 mm long stick, compared to a normal winter, which has about 100 studs and 1.5 mm protrusion. 

Twice Swedish Rally set. The first time was 1974, when it was canceled due to the oil crisis of 1973-1974. The second time was in 1990. That time it was the mild winter in most parts of Sweden which meant that it could not run rally as they tjälfria roads are not kept for rally traffic. After the rally route has been further north, roughly on par with Hagfors, why some classic routes such as Bäckelid, Storfors and Hult, disappeared.Swedish Rally did not run in 2009 because it was not included in the World Cup series. On 27 April 2010 it was announced that the race will run again in 2011, because of the Norwegian Rally economic problems.

It is more crowded in the forests of Värmland during a rally than at a Turkish bazaar. Everyone in the audience is happy, drinking alcohol, singing and holding together by nationality.

There was a problem, I could not walk. To get out on the rally stages, you are forced to walk several miles in meter deep snow. I have seen a number of rallies in the past, but realized that this was not possible. I tried to get permission to go snow moiling to the stages, but there was a flat refusal from the organizers. If you can not walk Dennis, there is unfortunately no solution. They thought.

One of my best friends had taken helicopter license. He had also bought a helicopter. My cotton in Värmland is located in the best location, right in the middle of the rally. He arranged a permit to fly the day. The matter was resolved. He flew up from Stockholm and we landed in front of the stairs to my house. I can find my way well up in the woods, but it is quite another thing to approach from the air. It does not take many minutes to find the best vantage point, landing and jump out of the helicopter and get a good spectator sight. World class. I had never been done without my MS. 

Thank you Kim!

To be continued...


Today at the Rehab

Now I start to get lost off witch weekday it is. I look in the calender, and it says Sunday. Apparently I did not hav time for church this morning. I started in the gym 08:30, with a short break for Redcord. I had a relaxing 20 minutes in the hydro therapy water. The order was, after the bath the cables. I always abbey orders, cables it was.

During the day Dagmara has filmed my exercises. Just so I can remember them when I am back home again.

Nordic walking
In the afternoon we went out for Nordic walking. I think I could walk with the sticks about 1 kilometre. In the end of the walk there was a big fireplace. Of cause Dagmara want to jump over the ash. She failed and step in the middle.

That would not be a problem, but the ash was not only ash. It was extremely hot glow. 

Today I have done some shopping. Not that I had any time to skip training. I used my breaks to shop on internet. I bought one Rice Cocker and one Juice Extractor. I also started to do a shopping list for the new stocks I will need for my new LCHF diet.

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