Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 8 - Thanks Line for the code!

...Medicine after diagnosis 2008
I tried to cut down on what I could, stop exercising, work less, rest in the afternoon, etc. It was not enough. It needed major changes. I am a partner in a large firm, we had approximately 400 employees. It requires that business leaders, attendance and commitment. It did not work any more. Previously no problem working 15 hours a day if needed. After the treatment, I was awake for 12-13 hours per day. It is clear that the mathematics does not work. Had always been 12-13 hours was quality time, energy and strength, it had certainly worked better. Now it was not so.

The solution was not easy. Had I been an employee so my boss had given me fired - and rightly so. I was not of much use to the company. My wife could - rightly filed an application for divorce. The children were chosen to withdraw, although it rightly.

None of this happened. My wife is, has always been by my side, my partner backs up everything I do and the kids are there. However, some so-called friends disappeared. It did not matter, they were still no good.

Medically the treatment was finished, and now the nurse just take some blood tests and see that I handled the cannulas right. The nurses at Karolinska University Hospital does an incredibly good job. They were, and are, a great support for us with MS disease. They are accessible and service oriented. They also, in my opinion, the best knowledge in the care of living with MS, and the help available. 

To be continued... 

Monday at last...
Not for me ;(
Breakfast for me! No, I'm just kidding. I was served a very good Cream of canuliflower soup with mung bean.

At last Dagmara back after an unscheduled weekend. I have not gossiped for Dagmara what I and Rafał been up to over the weekend. I am pleased that she has sore today. She is in training for the marathon. 

The day started with a half hour extra time in the gym. I feel that your body responds well to training. I have most of the day passed without crutches. We even went out and went Nordic walking around the facility immediately after water gymnastics. Not done yet, redcord was the next point, sessions ended with a soothing back massage.

After the previous calendar weekend, which had an equally full training, I feel not over trained. Good balance over time.

Map Poland
Yesterday talked a while with Slavek. What he does not know about volcanoes and earthquakes are not worth knowing. Slavek working here as a waiter. He gave me tips on a website. USGS After a few hours at the computer, I have also become interested.

After sitting and compiled code to the blog so everything starts to look a little better. I have been using my daughter Line to help me with the programming. She thought the page looked a bit "childish". These kids...

Thanks Line :)

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