Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 19 - Horse

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...Summer and autumn 2010
I got a major relapse during this time and had to have cortisone to limit the damage. Although it did not cure all the body damage completely. I was a bit more tired and more inattentive after the flare subsided. I had tried to work out at the gym a few times per week, but now it was difficult. I barely had the strength to take my to the car after the session. 

Only then I realized that you can not train with the same strategy as before. All-in. Now it was the energy crisis for real. Damn it, I'll have to take into account the MS effects me at all time. 

During the winter, I told my PT, this summer I will manage my weight at the bench press. At that time I managed to barely throw up 40kg. He had seen how I slowly got worse even though I exercised regularly. He said Dennis, it will not be possible in 6 months. Never. I struggled on, some weeks with extra sessions. In the end of the period and managed to lift 75 and 80kg. When it was up to the evidence, the scale was placed in front of me. It stopped at 82.6kg. I say cocky, put on 83kg. 

Two pure lift went up at 83kg on the bar. I was left on the bench and rest for 10 minutes, but it did not matter. I managed. Was it worth the sacrifice? Probably not, but it shows that nothing is impossible. Initiative polished ego a bit. 

Both the small kids at home, went to summer camp together. My wife and I took the opportunity to book a trip to Majorca. We chose a cheap hotel without a pool for children and without kids club. The hotel had no beach, but a cement pier at sea. It was 117 steps from the lobby to the sun loungers. It was not fun to forget sun factor. It fanned well at sea, and there were umbrellas. It worked great for me to sit there for a few hours a day. 

All inclusive 
One morning we come down to the rock beach early. There was no one else there, but there were towels on all the chairs and hanging swimsuits in all parasols. Then I was pissed. I released two sunbeds and a parasol from various articles. These I placed in the best location for the sun all day.  

After a while, they hung-over Russians and begin to take their seats that they had pre booked yesterday. Among the last to come down was the man who has booked the chairs that I have taken. It was a big fat Russian who had three ugly witches with him. He started screaming on the bridge, with the questioning of who has taken his equipment. 

Behind my sunglasses, I watched with a smile the spectacle. It was also free. 

Something I did not laughed at, was when his fat old womens took off their clothes. They looked like they were stuck with tits in the mangle all three. 

I said to my wife, this is not possible. We need to reorganize our self to another beach tomorrow. I refuse to lie here and watch these three witches rest of the week.
To be continued... 


Today at the Rehab

There is a god
After 16 days of tough diet, I finally got a bit more varied diet. New this day was goat cheese, walnuts and oatmeal. The highlight was a strawberry dessert. It's a big difference with more energy in the body. The training today has been the best on the entire stay.

On the other hand, my body is completely detoxified and I am very energetic. All workouts went better today than previous days. I stood on the scales this morning. It stayed at 77.5 kg, entry weight was 82.2 kg. This means 4.7kg of 16 days. Then you understand how tough diet has been. 

Renata, Me, Gwiazda, Asia, Lena
Today I was riding again. It was the third time on horseback in modern times. The other two times walked a girl with the horse, and another girl kept me in the waistband. Today was different. They told me to ride by myself. I asked, where is the defroster and where is the handbrake? 

...back ... chin ...
Everything went very well. I did not fell off the horse, and she listened to me. I think I would like to do that again. The first woman that have listened to me ...ever.

The biggest problem was to get on and get off. My legs are not listen to my brain. But with a little training maybe I can manage that later.

Dagmara and Agnieszka
The horse riding did not excuse me from the gym. I had two god sessions there. Total time, more than two hours. The only task that has to be cancelled from the agenda was water aerobics. 

I have to talk to Agnieszka to optimize my schedule so I don´t miss any activities.

The training here at AMEDS Rehab, is so good, that can recommend it for all my "MS-friends". I was planning to delay with recommendations until the end of the semester. But I could not wait.  

You should not wait!

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