Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 64 Rehab Torsby II - Excavator

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... February 2012, rehab in Torsby, Part 2 
There was no problem finding my way to Frykcenter. I had been there on a voluntary visits before I decided to go there. It is a facility that has everything one could wish for a good rehabilitation. Above all, peace and quiet. I have twice previously been enrolled in day rehab. Getting a rehab worth its name while I should work three - four days a week is not possible. This while, three - four children at home should have their attention. 

I divided my rehabilitation in two periods. The workload was high on the job, and the kids always have a lot of activities before school ended. Then it was good to be home and work one week between sessions. When the MS is in play, it is important to do one thing at a time. Energy must be saved. 

Once in place, a little girl from the crew helped me to unload the car. I had budged in my Segway in the back seat of the car. It did not fit in the trunk. She opened the car door and took out the Segway as if it weighed 5 kilo. It weighs over 50 kilos! I tried to stop her. But before I had opened his mouth it was unloaded. 

If the little girl was so strong, how strong was then the others who working here? It soon turned out that she was the exception. The rest of the staff was normal strong! They wanted to prove stronger than they were. A rehab assistant would demonstrate a tensile machine. She sits down on the bench and pulls a few times in the handle. She becomes red her face but does not show that it was heavy. Machine weights were all connected. I ask her if it is better to do several repetitions instead of running at max load. It's not so smart to do max exercises in the morning when you have MS. 

We laughed about the incident several days. She had simply forgotten to set the weight and did not want to lose face when I looked at her. 

It was clean and tidy in all corridors. A woman on the staff ran with a large scrubber daily. She cleaned the rooms and serving food. I felt a little sorry for her. She worked all the time while her colleagues sat and rested. 

One morning I "stole" the scrubber and ran into the hallway and corridors. Then there was a stir!
To be continued...


Today, +16 days after stem cell treatment.

I can feel more active than in a long time. I been on my feet all day today as well. I can´t make any conclusions yet, but it certainly looks good. My head is working perfect, but the legs are not. I still haven´t used my crutch since three days ago. I can walk 50 - 75 meters. Not beautiful, but without support! I am not tired! The days are long again.

I am still at my country house. Today I used the excavator. She asked me, what are you digging, and why? NO HABLA!

My wife think I am crazy. She probably right. I got a diagnosis from my doctor a couple years ago. He made the same conclusion as my wife.

Dennis you are sick in your head. :) 


  1. Hej!
    Skönt att låsa att du fungerar! Det ger oss andra hopp!
    Med vänlig hälsning

    1. Tack Sven
      Jag försöker ända att ta en dag i taget. Om det är någon placebo effekt jag upplever nu - så är det helt ok. Ingen broms och inga andra medikamenter förutom Fampyra.

      Jag skall vänta några månader eller ett halvår för att säga att det fungerar över tiden. Hur som helst så mår jag bättre nu än på mycket länge. :)