Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 62 Walpurgis Night - Alert

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... April 2012, Walpurgis Night 
It was very hectic weeks after my trip to Istanbul. I had to work away a lot, both for the Easter break and after the trip to Turkey. On May 7, I would be at MS rehab in Torsby for 19 days. 

I could not work all day even though I ate Modiodal. It was a very difficult period of time. Full schedule of meetings and negotiations. Not only that. I also had many visits to the hospital booked that weeks. 

It is so sad when I can not manage to solve all tasks. I usually have a good strategy to get everything done at my pace. It is important not to rush, then everything getting messy. This period, I had no options. It was just to go all in. 

On Walpurgis Night (30 April), we have a tradition in Sweden to light huge bonfires. The kids and my friends had dragged up firewood and branches of a substantial stake at the country house. Unfortunately, I did not dare turn on. It was too dry in the woods. I did not want a forest fire. As the pile was lying until we had our guys weekend. (No one under 80 kilograms, may join) One of my friends decided to light the fire then. It had been raining and it was wet in the woods. 

After he tried to get the fire throughout the day without success, he took to the bottle. He had consumed 5 litres of lighter fluid, 10 boxes of matches and how much newsprint anywhere. He had also dropped from 5 gallons of diesel fuel from the excavator. I've never seen him give up. Never, ever, but the wood of the pyre was more acidic than him.
To be continued...


Today, +14 after stem cell treatment.
It has been lot of work again. My shape is good. My legs are more spastic than before. Anyhow I can walk more. Not so much longer, but I can keep up all day. I am not tired in the afternoon. It could be very good days. We´ll see in the coming days if I need a daytime sleep.

It seems that the higher brain functions are somewhat more rapid. My body functions last a little longer. It is equal to buying better batteries to the kids toys. They can play longer. 

As I mention before, it is to early to say if the energy is here to stay. Now it has been two weeks after the stem cell transplant. I don´t know yet if I got the real cells or placebo.

The coming weeks will give the answer. 

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