Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 80 Relapse - Placebo

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... August 2012, Relapse
The last days of my own time, I got a relapse. I had cortisone medicine bag. I sat in the woods and nibbled steroid tablets and felt sorry for myself. I was alone and tried to do everything as best I could. 

It was not the first relapse, so I was very attentive and tried to stop the relapse directly. Twenty cortisone tablets a day for three days. I think the cortisone made a ​​good work. It did not take more than three weeks before I was al-right again.

Luckily I managed to finish my projects before the relapse and my wife came up to the cottage.

To be continued...


Today, +31 days after stem cell treatment.

Today it was time for one month check-up after the stem cell transplant. Neither I or my doctor knew if I got the real treatment or placebo. However all tests were good. The scales for memory and cognition has improved 15%.

I can´t guess... Anyhow I feel very good, and my energy is better than the last couple years.

If this placebo, then placebo is good! 

Can I have another one of this placebos? Please.  

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