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Day 65 Rehab Torsby III - Starving

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... February 2012, rehab in Torsby, Part III 
It happened many funny incidents up in Torsby. One day we were on a field trip to an Elvis Café far out in the woods. The interior was strictly 50s with all the details you can imagine. It was not that funny in itself. It was on the return journey. One of my fellow patients sat in the car and fiddled with her medications. I did not think much of it at the time. A moment later, she sits and sings to hherself. She had nibbled Methadone. 

After that experience, I begin to question my fellow patients what medications they have. I'm no doctor, but I get upset when I hear what their doctors ordinated. Teir most need is a little thoughtfulness and kindness. Healthcare in Sweden seem to believe that much can be solved with a pill. Making people into drug addicts can not be the solution to their problems. The problem in health care is that doctors do not always have the time to understand the patient's life. The patient leaves the doctor's appointment that lasts 15-20 minutes with a prescription in hand. 

A bit the same feeling I get at Frykcenter. It was not just MS patients there. Some were quite unhealthy. Everything from broken backs to stroke. What had difficulty communicating and had tired assistants were seated for themselves. I collected at many I could and talked with them. After some time we had clean "Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest" in Torsby. 

The training was good. I could devote my time to exercise and rest. It made a big difference. I became stronger towards the end I dried Nordic walking around the ski trail at about 2 km. However, with a few breaks. 

Some tours became the Segway. There was a fellow patient who also went by Segway. After an dinner we went two Segway in the forest track. With us we had a girl who had no Segway. She had to walk with walking sticks. I felt a little shitty there on my Segway, when the girl had to fight with her sticks. I had two whole legs, my friend had only one leg and the girl had broken her back when she had a moose in her knee in a car accident. 

The three of us were happy and laughing after all. There is no reason to hang lip just because you have to walk with a stick.
To be continued...


Today, +17 days after stem cell treatment.
Although the day started well. I was out in the morning and dug ditches with the excavator. It sounds very serious, but for me it's just play. I'm fascinated of hydraulics. So gentle movements and so much power. An excavator must be every boys dream. I have at least something to blame on. MS make you a little stupid. :) Thanks MS!

I was so involved in the digging that I forgot to eat lunch. It punished properly. I have now been on a LCHF diet for ten weeks and it will not allow me to miss a meal. The energy runs out at once. I almost could not get out of the excavator and up to the fridge in the house. The legs would not carry me. 

The rest of the day I took it easy and rested. I feel good and am not tired. I just needed to recharge the body with energy. I chose not to eat sugar, it could otherwise have been a quick fix. It takes a while slow carbohydrates provide energy.  
Now I will not forget the food any more time!

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