Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 76 No one hurt - Walking

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... August 2012, Fire, Part II 
Luckily we had coverage on our cell phone. We called and brought a friend who lives next door to us in the forest.

The "neighbour word" in the forest means that you live within a radius of 1 kilometre. Not within sight or hearing distance, but close. 

The neighbour came after fifteen minutes. He brought the fire extinguisher, (witch I should have had earlier). We put out the lase flames in the wreck and the he drove us back to the cottage. There was a tumbling night. The most important thing was that we did not hurt ourselfs. There was also no wolves when we waiting in the night by the fire. 

The morning after we went and looked what was left of Polaris. I can say, it was not much. It was just to go with the scrap to the dump. When I look through all the papers later, I see that I forgot to take out insurance. 

Fucking hell 25.000 Euro up in smoke. Let's not talk about it any more.
To be continued...


Today, +27 days after stem cell treatment.
I had a good day at work. My legs are a little more alert. In the afternoon me and my wife went to a big shopping mall. We walked around for a good time looking for a bank office. We did not find it. When i got back to the car, we find the office with the GPS. Problem was solved.

The afternoons walk must have been almost 500 meters. WITHOUT CRUTCH, but with support.

Later at night I can feel that my legs and back are sore. To much in one day, but it worked.

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