Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 77, Ferryboat - Food

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... July 2012, Ferry 
After all, when the fuzz with the fire had subsided, my brother wanted us to have a boat trip to Mariehamn. It's not really my thing to go on senior cruises. But why not, it was a nice summer day, and we could sit out on the sun deck and have a good time. 

I had some trouble to walk along the long walkway to the ferry. We had plenty of time and I had the crutch with me. We sat in the morning sun and drank a breakfast beer. My brother began to wonder what he would shop at duty-free on the ferry. In Mariehamn, we would swap ferry for the return trip to Stockholm. He continued to talk about tax-free until I got eczema in my ears. I told him that he had to rush down to the store, we are soon in Mariehamn. On the return trip to Stockholm we can´t shop tax-free. 

He disappeared into the bowels of the ship, like greased lightning. A moment later he comes back to deck 10 with a cart that has minimal wheel. The cart was overloaded with eight cases of beer. 

An hour later, we arrived in Mariehamn. The exit was on deck five. It went all right for him to take his cart down the stairs. Then it was a mile walk to the other ferry. He kept a good face even when sweat beads appeared in his forehead. 

I told him that he could drink a few beers if he was thirsty ... 

The trip home went well. Of course I made ​​my purchases on the return ferry. Why carry when you do not need to...
To be continued...


Today, +28 days after stem cell treatment.
I had a good day today. There was just one problem. I had to skip lunch. The invoice for that showed quickly. The legs did not listen to my brain. I had to use the crutch in the afternoon.

Except for that, I feel good. Some extra food in the evening will correct my mistake.

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