Thursday, May 30, 2013

Day 81-94

Full agenda - FOOD!
Now I have not posted in a few weeks. I feel very good. I'm alert all day, but still do not want the left leg as much as your head - yet. It takes a long time to walk. Walking distance has gotten a little better, but I'm still depend only of crutches outdoors. 

Now it has been seven weeks since the transplant. I have not experienced any negative side effects that I can connect to the treatment. What I have noticed is a mild cold. However, without fever. I have not been sick for the past 8 years apart from my MS. It has almost been nice to cough and blow my nose. :) 

I got a present on my 50th birthday, a culinary trip to San Sebastian in Spain. 

San Sebastian (Basque: Donostia, official name: Donostia-San Sebastian, French: Saint-Sébastien) is the provincial capital of the region of Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country's premier tourist destinations. The city is like most coastal towns marked by fishing and picturesque harbor area, but where fish sheds require low available today upscale seafood restaurants. The city's central areas and promenades goes in Victorian architecture - the city was around the turn of the century a major tourist city for the Spanish royal family and nobility. 

Every year a big festival in town, semana grande, with bullfights, festivals and activities such as concerts, amusement parks and rowing competitions. The city is also known for its international film festival each fall. 

One reason that San Sebastian is one of the Basque Country's major tourist destinations are the two large sandy beaches that stretch out on either side of the city center. La Concha (Shell) is the largest of the beaches and counted as one of the world's finest. On the other side, Zurriola, the more youthful beach. It is known for its big waves and good surfing opportunities. The city's youth culture is highly influenced by just surfing.
Donostia-San Sebastián has been named the European Capital of Culture 2016. 

Last week we went, me and four friends. The food orgy we experienced have turned my tough diet upside down. I'm still adjusting back to the program I received during my rehab in Poland.
Current menu contains no bread, alcohol, pork, pasta, lactose, and sugar. I dream of Pata Negra, Gin & Tonic, white bread dipped in olive oil and salt, seafood, desserts ...

Day two we had lunch at Mugaritz, which has two Michelin stars. It was a 22 course tasting menu with a dozen wines. Damn it, it was good!  

For the first few months were really full stomach, and maybe a little drunk ... 

The day did not end there. We had not eaten dinner yet. It was a wobbly walk between the bars of Fermin Kalbeton in Parte Vieja. Pintxos and a glass of wine here and pintxos and a beer there. Finally I was drunk for real. Then my friends supported me to the taxi. Alcohol kill my legs.

After a good night's sleep, we were on track with our culinary journey again. We had a fairly light lunch and finish with dinner at three star Akelare.  

We were still full from yesterday, so we contented ourselves with an eight course menu. Very full and satisfied, we returned late at night to the hotel.

Thanks Kjelle for the experience!


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