Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 68 Wolf - Good day

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... July 2012, the Wolf 
One summer night, I took my wife and the Polaris RZR UTV and went into the woods. It does not get really dark at night. Moreover, the moon was almost full. As I wrote earlier the Polaris were fully equipped. When I lit the main beam a so called LED ramp on the roof lit the dark 500 feet above the machine. It was a cold light, but bright as the day. 

We drive slowly on a forest road in search of wildlife. After about 30 minutes drive, I see something 50 meters in front of us in the grass. No it can not be a moose, the animal is not big enough ... Could it be deer ... Then I see the reflection in the eyes, and the whole animal, it's a wolf. No, not one wolf, they are were three. I stopped and let the wolves cross the road, 30 meters in front of us. My wife just shook and whispered quiet ... run ... fast ... 

I must reluctantly admit that my pulse rise a little it too. The wolf is a powerful and mythical animals. Getting to see wolves in the wild are not common at all. We were sitting in a open vehicle. Maybe I could drive away from the wolves if they wanted to attack. But I said to my wife. No sudden movements just sit still even if the wolves come against us.

I have previously been on safari in Africa. I tried to be as calm as my guide told me to be when the lions followed the car. The difference from then was to guide in Africa had a big gun in the car. I did not. 

In this situation, they should not judge us as a danger I told my wife. Indeed, they went at a slow pace up in the woods on the other side of the road. They had probably just been down to the lake on the other side of the road for drinking water in the cover of darkness. 

We went a few hundred yards down the road when I stopped the UTV. I have to pee now. 

My wife screamed, DRIVE NOW FOR HELL!! I don´t give a shit if yo wet your pains. I wash!
To be continued...


Today, +20 days after stem cell treatment.
It has been another good day. I've been at the office and worked this morning. The Positive signals I felt the last days remains. I try to walk as much as I could without the crutch.