Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 61 Istanbul - Road trip

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... April 2012, Istanbul 
I have a board mandate of Visita Stockholm. Visita is a trade association for the hospitality industry in Sweden. We organize most hotels, restaurants and visitor industries in the country. I use many hours of meetings and lobbying to influence our politicians. Visita also want politicians to make decisions that are good for our branch. 

We usually do a trip every year. The destination this year was Istanbul. We had booked many tours of hotels and other facilities. Additionally, we had board meeting. 

Most properties in the city are very old. Obviously, there is often lack of an elevator and the stairs are uneven and narrow. One of the days was five shows booked and the next day three more in the morning. I did run out of all the energy the first day.  

The second day, I told the board that I needed to rest this morning. We stayed at a good hotel, so I booked a Turkish bath and massage instead of climbing stairs. Smart. 

In the afternoon, I followed the group for field trips in the old part of town. We walked a bit on the cobbled streets when we arrive at a park with a nice outdoor restaurant. I tell the group that I stay here and wait for you to come back.  

An hour and a half later, they're back. I had been sitting in the sun and drinking a beer and had a nice moment. The others were very tired when they were back. 

The last stop of the day was the Blue Mosque. I did not want to miss it. If you ever go to Istanbul, go there and look. It is an impressive building. 

We had some very nice days, with both nightclub visits and boat trip on the river. If I'm not mistaken, one of the delegates disappeared over the bridge one night. He ended up in Asia. What happened there, he would not talk about. 

I will definitely go back again. Then I will be my own tour guide and the agenda will be much calmer.
To be continued...


In the morning I finish the last Tax form, put stamps on the envelopes and drop them in the mailbox. 

Finish! Finito! Ready!

Time for pleasure. We let Spyder see the sun. We took a road trip on 100 kilometres. The motorcycle is very funny to drive. Acceleration is awesome. 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds. ME LIKE! I thought I would be tired after the drive, but no. 

My body was all right after the drive. Last week I was very tired after one hour drive. I am curios... 

Three wheels are good for kids - and for me...  

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