Saturday, April 13, 2013

Day 46:18 Scottland - Charging Energy

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... December 2011, Scotland on steroids. 
The morning of departure, I ate ten steroid tablets. I continued with the cure during all three days in Scotland. Without the cure, I had not been able join the hunt. I could only walk 50-100 meters without aids. With crutch perhaps twice as long, on a smooth surface. Cortisone more than tripled my physical ability. The price is that I do not sleep in three days. I had of cause checked this with my doctor.

Baron Jöns St. Clair Bonde
I was invited to a small hunting in Scotland. We were invited by Baron Jöns St. Clair Bonde, to live in his castle Charleton. The castle is very old, and has been in his family for nine generations.  
To the castle belongs there are hunting grounds of several thousand acres. Jöns rearing pheasants at the castle. It is these we will hunt. 

At his estate include a chapel. The chapel is mythical, and in "The Da Vinci Code" author Dan Brown asserts that this is the place in which the Holy Grail of Brown Mary Magdalene's body is buried. The space has not been studied for hundreds of years. The demands from the public to make an excavation was huge because of the book through the kind of power and Bonde has been threatened several times. 
Baron also get daily pressure from Templar and Freemasons words. Baron Bonde is extremely interested in what lies under the church, and paints his and others' theories with a storytelling ability that sometimes surpasses Herman Lindqvist. He says he would like to explore the space under Rosslyn Chapel. The Scottish National Heritage, the office and the majority of the Foundation, however, say no. 

- I think there is a fear that you will find something that they can not handle says Baron. 

We spend the first night with the Baron and his wife Kristina. It is magnificent to sit and have dinner at a castle in Scotland, with the family living there.  

Jöns is like a living history book. His story spans several centuries.  

In a box I found a chastity belt. Jöns told me it had been widely used five generations earlier. I understand that the problem of getting in to the right bed is not a product of the sixties. It has been an issue all times.

No risk to get through without risking serious flesh wound ...

To be continued...

I just sit in my good chair writing. It is raining outside. That´s good. It will melt some of the snow and ice that´s still on the ground.

Later today I will plan my diet for next week. The help I got from AMEDS to start the diet has made a big difference. I feel so much better. I have increased portions and add some more meat and proteins. But still no gluten, sugar or lactose. All products I shop for is ecological. It take some what more time to deal with. But it is worth it.

Now, I just need to boost energy before the transplant on Tuesday. 

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