Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 60 Boys Toys - TAX

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April 2012 ..., Easter Toys
My birthday was on the Easter. In a package from my brother there was a record player and a stack of disco singles. The record player was connected quickly into the stereo, then the disco could begin. We played loud and long that night at night, and indeed several more evenings. There is nostalgia for real. I have a pretty big radio in the country house, after a while the neighbours who live 500 meters away, joined us. I did not mean to disturb ... 

Brand New
Machinery is fun. A friend of mine has a business selling parts. The range of items includes everything you need to your ATV or UTV. He frequently exhibits at trade shows around the country. To have something fun to show he had built on a Polaris RZR a few years ago. On the machine where EVERYTHING in stock fitted. I meet him sometimes. I have asked if they should switch the display machine soon. 

After Crach I
One day last fall, he called. The machine was for sale, and I bought it in a flash. It was left in the garage over the winter. At Easter, it was time to go on premier tour. My brother in law drove as if he had stolen he machine. Obviously, he did a somersault in the sand. A few days later it was time for my son's girlfriend to try. Although she did a somersault aswell. 

After Crach II
Eighty horsepower and all-wheel drive is nothing to play with. It's serious. Luckily, no one did not hurt them selfs in the caches. It got just a little repair of disrupted cage and drive shafts. Such belongs.

When everything worked again, it was time for me to test the limits. I understand that not accustomed driver flipped the machine. It was terribly fast. Thanks to the increase suspension, the ground clearance was 35 centimetres. Because of that, there are almost no barriers to stop the ride. It was possible to drive it in 5 feet deep water. Terribly funny. 

It does not end there. The machine burned up later. But more about that later. 

Say the fun, that lasts forever.
To be continued...


A good day. I feel better and have been sleeping many hours.  

All day long I spent on the declaration. Tax Agency requires very accurate disclosure. It takes time. For some reason, I save everything to the last day. Stupidly, you have four months to complete.  

Why wait?

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