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Day 35 : 7 Brazil - Segway

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 ... May 2011, landed in Bahia, Brazil part III
There is a small private airstrip just 50 km from Ilhéus, we try to land there the pilot said in the speakers. My wife was by now white in her face, and cold sweating. The landing went well, but where the hell were we? I had ordered a car to collect us this morning in Ilhéus. There is no risk that the car would be in place nine hours later in the jungle. 

Baggage pick-up
We walk off the plane on a gravel pitch. Then an overloaded hay-cart with our bags. We were over 100 passengers on the plane, it took a while until we all had found our belongings. In the meantime, I called my contact in Sao Paolo, and told her what happened. No problem, she says. The car should be there where you are now. Okay? 

We drag our bags out on the gravel path. Indeed, there will be a happy guy in the 25-year-old. He throws the bags in an old Audi 100. He told me that he had seen the plane try to land all times from the ground. He thought it was exciting with a little drama. I told him that we thought the same. The wife was still quiet. I wondered how he had managed to run the five mile straight line from Ilhéus at the same time it took us to fly. 

The race
I did not think long. We had 150 km to go there we would. He did it in one hour flat. It would certainly not have been so surprising if there had been a highway. It was not. It was a winding country road in Sweden would be limited to 70 or 90 km / h He drove the hell out of his Audi. I'm not afraid year, I have driven both STCC and Formula 3 in court. This guy was a real racing topic. There speed were between 120-190 km / h all the way through the jungle. 

When I asked him about the risk of animal collision, he just smiles. There are no animals larger than crocodiles. The other animals will disappear when the car is washed. The biggest problem is the people, but they usually move away. 

When we arrived at the lodge, my wife began to talk gradually again, after three glasses of wine and a beer. It's probably no chance that MS will have time to kill me. 

There is other possibilities.
To be continued...


It has been a been s sunny day here in Stockholm. I think the spring has arrived. Blue sky and +5C. I need to come out for a wild. That was no problem with my Segway.  
After the Rehab in Poland, I try to walk without crutches. They are giving me back-problems. Now, I can not walk more than 50 meter. Then the Segway give me an opportunity to be part of the spring. 

Today my legs start shaking after 1 km. I just had to rest for 5 minutes the I could continue again. After one hour we was back home. We sat down with a cup of coffe/green tea in the sun.

Segway training...
The last autumn I bought a new X2 white big wheels. In December it was time for the Segway première. The first 10 centimetres of snow had come. I figured it could not be any problems with a Segway with big winter tires.  

Oh how wrong I was. I made two spectacular falls. It was only just that I took myself out of snowdrifts. Then there was the next problem, getting Segway to ploughed surface. I got help from a couple who was out and was walking the dog. They just shook his head. I told them, "I'm a bit stupid, and I have proof of it."

AMEDS Training
Some parts of the videos from Poland...


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