Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 55 Monday - Conference

It is to much happen every day. I am short of time. My history have to wait a couple days. When it is completed it will be my biography. It may help other MS patients to find new way to live with the decease.

Be patient...

I attended a conference and meeting in VISITA where I am both a member and sits on the board. At the meeting were about 300 people from all over the country. Many people I have gotten to know over the years I have been involved. The funny thing is that many people have started following my blog. There where a lot of questions about my illness and the new treatment. It is certainly difficult with all the questions, but it is important to show that it is possible to have a tolerable life with the disease. 

I do not seek pity, I want to give The disease a face. It took a long time to explain to the environment what I can and can´t do. Today it is a strength that I did not try to hide the disease from the beginning. There are few people who can criticize me if I have to go away for a rest sometimes. If I had not told anyone, I would probably have been seen as lazy. Now I feel that it's reverse. 

I had to go home and rest for a few hours in the afternoon. Alert after the rest, I went back the conference again. I was smart enough to fit into the dinner in the evening. 

I have not noticed changes after stem cell transplantation yet. However I feel good and strong.

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