Saturday, April 6, 2013

Day 40:12 Camping - Energetic

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...Summer 2011 
We spent many lazy days of summer house. My MS began to make itself increasingly felt again. It went pretty up to 50-100 meters without aids. I rested the occasional afternoon. We ate good food and met friends who came to visit. Holidays as a holiday should be. 

The daughter thought it was very boring to sit in the forest herself with us when our youngest son was at summer camp. She nagged that she wanted to go camping. Never in hell I said. That, you can forget. I do not live in a fucking tent among a bunch of screaming kids at the camp ground. My wife latched onto my daughter. Suddenly the situation was two against one. I had to back off. I did not back up to the tent. After a long negotiation, we agreed on a mobile home. After some searching, we found one to rent on-line. 

We sat in a brand new motor home and went north. The atmosphere was at its peak, and after 400 km, we decide to camp. I parked and rig at a reasonably steady camp-site. I packed up the cheap chairs and rolls out the carpet. We sit in the evening sun and drink some wine. We nod unusual for neighbours on his way with his plates to the common sink. I told my family, the mother-fucker who shits in the potty can also drain it. Point. 

It emerged during the evening requests shower. It took a long while before I got started the LPG boiler. The girls showers as they usually home. It was considerably large tanks in the camper. Five hundred litres of fresh water and the same amount of waste-water. The water was enough for me too. Next morning we filled up with water and continued north. 

We came up to "Dead Fall". At four hours disappeared  Ragunda Sea, a devastating tsunami swept, the beautiful Storforsen silent and Dead Falls formed. The year was 1796 and the man behind the work was nicknamed Vildhussen. Until 1796, there was the most magnificent waterfall Storforsen below the previous Ragunda Lake in Indalsälven. The mighty waterfall, with a drop of 35 meters, made impossible any timber floating because the timber was broken to splinters in the raging whirlpools. 

The girls wanted to go into the old stream. It was obviously unthinkable to me. I got beautiful view sitting on a stump and watch the nature. 

The journey continued to Östersund where relatives live. After a lot of looking, I find a quiet car park in the city center. When I wake up in the morning, I look out. Where are all the other cars? The parking lot was completely empty. Then I see the sign, NO CAMPING!

On the way from Östersund car felt tierd. We had refuelled 100 litres of diesel and filled with water. In the hills I heard the engine ranks. That is clear. The tanks are filled with water. I stayed at a rest area and opened the taps to drain the water. We continue the journey of a water cloud. Other cars honking and flashing. I did not not bother. 

I wanted to go home.
To be continued...

This morning I slept to 8am. New record in six weeks! It has been a lazy day. Just shopping some aloud items to eat. The diet is not so hard to follow. The most important is to plan the food. It take some extra time to prepare the dishes.

We went in to town, and had dinner with a friend. After dinner we went to grataulera a good friend that fills 37 today. He had his reception at Café Opera. A very nice event. I met many old friends.

I got some surprised faces of those I have not seen in a long time. The comments were appreciative and honest. They thought I looked more alert than before. :)

That's right, I feel much more energetic. It's just the legs that lives its own life.

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