Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 37 : 9 Earth is round - Legs...

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... May 2011, landed in Bahia, Brazil party IV 

We had some really beautiful days at the beach. The flight and car ride had gone to bed with my wife. She spoke again. We stayed at Sage Point. It is a poussanda is a illegal building on the beach in the trees. Our room was 20 feet up in a tree. To get up there it was a wobbly spiral staircase around a tree. As my status is today in 2013, I would have been very difficult to take me up there. Down will always work. 

The tide is more than a meter, so the beach five meters from
the staircase was cleaned every morning. The waves were 10 feet high. The noise when they broke against the shore was almost deafening. But even so relaxing. 

One of the days we decided to take a walk into the village. It is just over two kilometres. The road is covered with centuries-old cobblestones. Uneven and bumpy. In the current situation, I could not cross the road without crutches. When we come into the village says the legs stop. We had to sit down in a café and rest. 

I sit and think, Shit, the legs stop obeying. My wife realized that we could not go back again. Across the street was a motorcycle rental. We looked at each other and nodded. 

Our transportation problem was solved. We went bike back and forth through the village and on various excursions. I was a bit worried about balance. It had not been possible to ride two-wheeler before my surgery in Poland. The balance was low for a while. I could not lift my leg over the saddle. Now, in all cases, it is possible. The legs might just been tired after everything consistently? 

The earth is round 
A friend in Brazil has an incredibly beautiful summer house in Bahia. His beach front are several hundred acres. The house is located on a hill about two kilometres from the sea. The view of the Atlantic Ocean over 180 degrees. As I stood on the terrace and looked out, I can see with the naked eye that the earth is round. Powerful. 

After a delicious lunch, then we went by quads down to his beach. It runs a small river across his land. It empties into the sea. We swam there in the afternoon. The water in the river was around 35-40C and the sea refreshed with its 32C. 


A day before the journey home, my wife stopped to talk again. I knew it was the flight from Ilhéus as haunted. I told her that I understood why she not wanted to go home. It certainly did not either!  

When you are in paradise, it is easy to forget about MS. 
 To be continued...


Today Today my planning has been working excellent. No stress and good time between meetings. The delayed closing from yesterday is closed today. Everybody is happy, and everything went smooth.

I had meetings on three places, and I had to stock some organic and allowed items. I have been searching for black wild-rice for almost two weeks. 

Today I found it. I order 3 kg, and the shop rob me on 80 Euro. ;)  

I have a problem to walk again. I had to use the crush in the afternoon. Stress is devastating for my walk. I have to take it easy and have a good time between tasks. I also need time for rest. Diet has made me much more alert. Stem Cell research requires that I quit the MS brake medicine. It feels good that my body is detoxified now.

I only eat Fampyra to improve the mobility. I forgot to take Fampyra a day on my rehab in Poland. Then Dagmara was worried, why was my preformance so much worse?