Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 38 : 10 Drugs in Oslo - Drugs in me

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...June 2011, Oslo
I went to Oslo in mid-June to lecture the Norwegian police and the Norwegian authorities. They have the same problems in Oslo we had in Stockholm ten years ago. The lecture was about how we in Stockholm had cooperated in the fight against narcotics and crime . The Norwegians had the same problems that we experienced in Sweden ten years earlier. They are smart, why reinvent the wheel themselves, they wanted to learn how we had been working to solve the problems in Stockholm. 

In Stockholm, we have since 1995 worked on guidelines for responsible alcohol service in restaurants. STAD. (Stockholm Prevents Alcohol and Drug Problems) The project started as a research, now is the business permanently. In the project, there was a number of restaurant owners, trade organizations, police, unions, State and Government agencies that had the Government to deal with the alcohol issue. 

The mission was to reduce alcohol-related harm in the community. The work was very successful. The working model reduced problems with over-serving, serving to minors and violence in the restaurant environment significantly. The step was not far to the drug issue. The project started in 2002. Now, ten years later, it is much quieter in our workplaces. Drug Affected guests and employees is today a relatively rare sight. Weapons in the restaurant environment is very unusual 2013. In the late 90's it was relatively common. 

The lecture went well. It was no problem to be on stage for an hour and lecturing in English. Memory and cognition worked like a clock. I was admittedly a bit tired in the afternoon, but it was not so strange. On my way back home to Sweden, when I was about to miss the train to the airport, I got the next real restenosis experience. The legs did not want to hurry. The same feeling as in Brazil a few weeks earlier. I caught the train, but had to fight properly to walk at the airport. There is a very long way to the gates at Gardemoen airport. When I got on the plane I almost fell asleep, even though I ate Modiodal. 

When I came home in the evening after the Oslo trip, I was worried. Is MS symptoms coming back, or is it relapses again?
To be continued...


When I write about history from June 2011 it strikes me suddenly. Dennis you are nibbling too drugs. Modiodal to keep you awake. I have also tried Sativex against spasticity in my legs. Both drugs works and helped me. The problem is with my ideology and the side effects. I hate narcotics and and drug-related harm. I have not had any drugs since January. I do not think I will take any more doses in the rest of my life.

It has been a good day at work today. No big issues, everything went smooth. I am changing car tomorrow. The old one was picked up by Tidy-Car for reconditioning yesterday night. The man told me I could use his car. He left the car key and drove away in my car. When I would go to work this morning I saw the car I had borrowed. An Opel Astra of unknown age with 180.000km on the meter. The car started, when I tried put in the drive, I saw it was manually shifted. Left leg governed not so good. With the help of my arm, I managed to get the clutch to work. Hopefully no neighbours saw my journey this morning.

A while after I parked at work, a colleague says, who the hell has parked a stolen car in our parking?  

I will call the police.

I can still feel the smell from the car in my clothes.

I go and take a shower now. We shall have closing dinner after this weeks deal tonight. Back to work!

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